Saturday, March 9, 2013

The truth about tanning

People use a tanning bed for various reasons. Here we explain some of the reasons and misconceptions concerning the use of tanning beds. 

First The tanned look is not a sign of health

The fact that your skin changed color is a sign of damage. Without goggles, UV from tanning beds can damage your eyes and cause of irritation, eye infections, and cancer.

Second Skin damage caused by solarium are a major problem for young people

You can not always see the damage caused by UV rays, and it builds up gradually. Every time you use a tanning bed on damages your skin, because it looks bad long term. First use tanning beds before the thirty-fifth year increases the risk of melanoma skin cells by 75 percent.

3rd If you spend much time in a tanning bed your tan will look better

Each person has their own limits on tanning. No matter how much UV light you receive, you will reach a point where you can not blacken. Using a tanning bed will make your skin rough, hard and wrinkled.Improve your complexion with two visits within 24 hours of tanning is especially harmful.

4th Tanning is safer than tanning in the sun

Tanning is not a safe alternative to tanning in the sun. The main reason for skin cancer is excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Just like the sun, tanning bed provides both UVA and UVB rays. Most burns caused by UVB rays, and both types of UV rays can damage DNA, leading to skin cancer.

Modern tanning beds radiate mostly UVA rays, while UVB rays are 0.5 to 4% of their total radiation.

5th Gradually getting a tan from the tanning bed does not mean that it is safe

Unfortunately, the use of sunscreen or limiting the time spent in a tanning bed will not fully protect your skin.

6th Tan will provide great protection from the sun during the holidays

Tan offers very little protection from the sun and burns. Ten of tanning is at best equivalent to sunscreen 2 to 4

7th No need to burn to get a tan

The gradual darkening of the sun with a high level of protection, avoiding the strongest sun and a short stay in the sun will allow you to achieve a healthy tan. When you burn, you have caused damage to the skin, and not a guarantee for a beautiful complexion.

8th You do not need a solarium to generate vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for health. Our bodies produce this vitamin when the skin is exposed to UV rays, and it is present in certain foods. All you need is a little sunshine to get adequate amounts. I do not need a tanning bed for the vitamins! 

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