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The road to the perfect hair

Solutions to every problem with your hair (whether it is a dry, ispucanoj, greasy, lifeless ...) in one place 

When our hair healthy, we feel freer, more relaxed and happy the show flowing in full glory. But everyone has days (weeks, months, or a permanent problem) when his hair refuses to "cooperate", despite the attention that we give her ... and it is, ironically, the most common problem. Straightening and curling, coloring and putting locks, tightness in the tail, causing tons of hairspray or other styling products - over time makes a lot of damage.

The first step to beautiful, tamed and glossy hair - is to evaluate what kind of hair problem and in fact you have to know what to do next. Discover the symptoms that describe the condition of your hair, and then here and find the best solution!

Cracked tops and hair prone to breaking

• your peaks are faced with more disruption of divorce lawyers
• tresses are fragile and break during the combing most usual
• Your hair is really a loop

Cause: Hair Bullying is wrong. Chemical treatment of hair (perm, aggressive color ...), the effect of heat (hair straightener, curling iron, hot "curlers", excessive use blowdryer) and very long hair is the reason why your hair is prone to cracking. Extremely fragile hair can develop small cracks (they look like broken twigs), where the hair is "broken."

Solution: Choose a color instead of semi-permanent colors contain ammonia or peroxide, they are much softer and will not harm your hair. Avoid brightening hair, and do not follow too often (every other day is enough), because the hair is more prone to cracking when wet (therefore do not comb wet). Opt for a shampoo and products intended for damaged hair - they contain the ingredients for moisturizing and strengthening the hair.

Dry hair needs moisture in order to improve the elasticity of her, and if she is prone to breaking fragile - look for products that contain keratin, extract, wheat or soy proteins, they bind to proteins strengthen hair and brittle hair. When shampooing dry hair be gentle, because aggressive washing can further contribute to cracking strands and scalp irritation.

When combing or styling brush - do not pull on it or very withdrawn, because the more you shoot and pluck it. It is best to use a wooden comb or brush the tops with the rubber, which minimally damaging your hair.And make sure when you delete a towel.

Forget about the quantity and the quality of think: it makes no sense to have long hair if it looks damaged.Trim the tops every four to six weeks-just enough to get rid of possible cracked tops. Let some time pass between the painting. If you want to restore the color - do it only has grown roots.

As for the hair - it is easier to maintain if the hair is cut straight - as if cut properly and gradually it may happen that a hairdresser can always just cut your hair, and remain a cracked tops. In addition, the "softer" hair style - slightly wavy hair is better to hide the damaged ends.

Dry and Rebellious / dried hair

• at the first hint of moisture your hair is "crazy."
• you suffer from a SNLK (uncontrolled fluttering hair syndrome)
• Hair is harsher to the touch

Cause: For dry hair the wrong genes, while excessive treatment for dry hair (coloring, use the hairdryer or iron for hair ...), in which the hair dry naturally exacerbates the problem. Women with this type of hair usually has an average of 80,000 hairs on the scalp (compared to an average 100,000), so that fewer sebaceous glands covering a larger area. No wonder your hair is "thirsty". You probably have naturally wavy or curly hair, such hair lacks natural lipids such as protective barriers which retain moisture in the hair, because the porous surface roughness becomes more and more dry, and the hair looks dull and untamed.

Solution: When you wash your hair do not put too much shampoo as often and use is one of the main causes of dry hair too often and do not follow. Dehydrated hair needs lots of moisture, so use products that will give her that. Use products that contain dimethicone, shea butter, walnut oil and Burdock. In the shower, these ingredients will keep the water in the strands before it closes the cuticle.

Required after each shampooing the hair, apply conditioner and a mask once a week and care. Use those softeners with little or no alcohol. If your hair is really really dry (such as straw) try a night regenerator.Generously apply it to your hair and leave it overnight and rinse in the morning only.

Turn to a more natural or darker hair color. Brighteners and brighter highlights will highlight and exacerbate dry hair. Keep up semi-permanent color that gives shine to the hair, they do not contain harmful ammonia or peroxide, and takes about 25 shampooing. No, stay within two shades of your natural hair.

Be aware of the heat. Here we think the styling, curling iron and ... - to start with sunblock for protection from heat, then hair dried almost to the end and then take a blow. If you want your hair after styling iron - give her a few minutes to cool down before re-list it from the heat.

As far as hair-opt for long hair with soft layers from the chin. Longer hair is more difficult, and not so much the flap, and the layers will contribute to the look of fullness of your hair. Of course, the layers must be very professional haircut.

Greasy Hair

• hair no volume
• the very next day after washing your hair is oily and "noodles"
• hair just hanging out, not to shape

Cause: Blame the parents. Genes control the size and shape of your hair follicles. Your thin strands have weak internal structure, and although you probably have more hairs than women with thick hair, you actually act like you have less hair and volume. Each strand of hair has extra at least one of the sebaceous glands, the hair is more fat and therefore "just hanging out". It is possible that you are suffering from some kind of disorder in the function of the scalp, which means that the sebaceous glands produce too much oil.

Solution: Wash your hair as needed, and can be daily, to wash sebum from the hair. Use a shampoo for oily hair (not too aggressive, the better the mild herbal shampoos) are heavy oil and silicones such as dimethicone is. These ingredients are designed for dry or damaged hair, leave it on the hair cuticle closes the film, and it will only make it more difficult hair. If you use a lot of styling products - hair wash once a week for deep cleansing shampoo. Conditioner Use sparingly, and hair from the middle to the top, and avoid a shower with hot water - because water is too hot just irritate the scalp and causes the sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

Reach for the color of the hair. Permanent color product opens the cuticle and extends the hair and makes it fuller and leprÅ¡avijom. Posvijetljeni highlights emphasize the visual dimension and contrast, which gives the illusion that you have more hair. Additionally get light hair products that give volume. To create volume at the roots - spray hair spray at the roots, turn your head (and hair) down, shake it and fingers through his hair. If you really have a problem with oily hair, but sometimes it happens you have to have time to wash your hair - get a shampoo for dry cleaning - but opt ​​for natural variation, such as Klorane shampoo for dry wash contains oat extract with softening and protective effect.

As far as haircuts - not recommended because it is too long hair that much harder for the hair, and harder to maintain. I would rather choose to bob up a little above the shoulder or to the chin, with soft layers around the face to give volume.

Lifeless, dull hair

• The title already says - hair dull
• hair is thin, lifeless and just hanging
• hair color looks washed out

Cause: And the problem here is that the hair is treated too. When hair "torture" heavy colors, or heat, the outer layers of the cuticle is damaged and the damage off and expose the main strands of the inner layer, called the cortex (composed of the protein keratin), and the hair becomes porous. As a result, the hairs longer accept the best color, and the color washes away quickly. And too many hair products can make it dull.

Solution: Longer hold color using special shampoos to preserve the color. They operate by passing the pigment to the surface of your hair. But they do not act like a constant color - and the results are washed out if you do not use regularly. Also use styling products that contain a wide range of filters against UV rays and reduce degradation of pigments.

Wash a few times a week is enough for regular hygiene of your hair. Washing too often can also cause loss of gloss and to reduce the volume of hair. In addition, rinse your hair with cold water smoothes hair, leaving a smooth and shiny surface. The same goes for drying and styling after you turn on the cold air on your hair.

Avoid products that contain alcohol because it deprives the hair shine. Most mousse contains alcohol, so I would rather try to use a cream that smoothes the cuticle or serum before blow drying. For extra shine great silicone - but use it sparingly because if you put too much silicone serums, you risk losing your hair volume and looks fat. For those with thinner hair, a great serum spray.

As for the hair - you need a hair layers to get the volume, but also to reflect the light beautifully in it.Transitions are a soft, not sharp lines. Tapiranje hair and too much volume highlights the inanity of hair, so do not go overboard. Hair shall be neatly combed and smooth to better light bounced from it. Use silicone spray for shine. 

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