Saturday, March 30, 2013

The perfect woman for ten minutes

Perfect makeup for ten minutes 

We do not accept an excuse not to do makeup because you do not have time. Makeup you only need ten minutes, what we will easily convince these simple instructions.

7:20 Liquid Powder
On the skin, apply a thin layer or protective day cream. It's good to dab your fingers, remove the excess pressure handkerchiefs on their face. With the help of wet sunđerčića apply and spread good foundation.

7:21 Correction
Possible dark circles, acne scars or cover concealer. Choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than liquid foundation. If you use it for pimples, it is desirable to have antiseptic effect.

7:23 Loose powder
Reinforce surface for makeup and skin seized glow. Loose powder brush to apply a great person and carefully remove any excess. Make sure the edges of the foundation, can not be seen even with izrastak hair, even the jaw.

7:24 Shadow
Shadow eyelids carefully playing with different shades of the same color, but different colors according to the colors of clothing. Types of lighter and darker tones to determine the shape of the eyes.

7:25 Kreon
Darker shadows, separate shower wand or point out the line of the eye. On the outer corner of a line is thicker and the inner thinner.

7:27 Mascara
Lash mascara brush twice: Rub them, and briefly let it dry and then grease again. Do not forget your bottom lashes.

Lipstick 7:28
Using a pencil, draw the edge of the lip, and then update the way they form. Našminkajte rose lips: if you want to be great and to act fully, put the glow in the middle.

7:29 Blush
Finally, apply blush. Osenčite cheeks, gently if necessary correct the shape of your face. Brush and tap your temples, forehead and both sides of the chin.

7:30 Ready to go
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