Saturday, March 30, 2013

The enemies of your beauty

Daily crimes in the service of beauty 

Do you overuse and moisturizer, hair conditioner on your hair crowd that "soften" or putting mascara on the run? If you thought that such negligence passes without consequences elsewhere, you are sorely mistaken.

We know that sleeping with makeup brings clogged pores and fight acne and that, no matter how it pulls us, should not grip of pimples if you do not want to be proud of domino pockmarked face. What are the most common crimes that we do every day for beauty, and we have no idea that by invoking the trouble?

Exaggeration with moisturizer
Hydration is good for the skin? Well yeah ... so, if you do not overdo it. If you've caught yourself instead gentle soft leather look great in fat and sweaty face with any makeup falls, so you know what was the matter.Reduce the dose to as many as you can fit on the tip of your finger (do not use it as a shovel, just dip the tip of your finger in the cream and remove quickly) and avoid Mazet "T" zone.

Serum (or) is your friend
We love the soft and shiny hair, so every time we use the washing conditioner. Especially if you have dyed hair. Do you mean that it does not matter if the palm therefore deliver more than you need? You can move a bit: the hair that hangs from the head and all is dry and lifeless is such because you've put down the regenerator. Conditioner should never be applied to the root of the hair or comb it applied to the roots, but only the peaks of Cuddle and untangle them if necessary. Hair that has been kicked out of chemistry will "come to life" if you drown in the regenerator, but for clipping. And your mane will not mind if you use the product in every other shampoo.

Hairdresser from hell
Hairdressers understand the hair, but do not read minds and do not know what you want to achieve with his new haircut. Do not let their decisions: make it clear what kind of hair style you want, by length, color, take photos, clippings from catalogs, magazines ... If you are lazy, you is not nobody's fault that you mad rush to the salon you will be aware of a few months to hang out with hats and scarves.

Ignoring the instructions on the product
There is a reason why products such as face masks and a manual shelf life! Leave the mask on your face for five minutes longer will not make you look better, but it could damage the skin and cause rashes. And when your skin reacts, calm area with aloe vera, contact a dermatologist and avoid the use of the product until it healed. Such difficulties can avoid only if you read the manual!

The ponytail is your enemy
Do you find yourself constantly walking around a ponytail or those "Oliva" bun on top of her head?Ponytail and tight chignon can cause hair breakage and weakening the root. So, find some interesting headbands, knit wear loose pigtail or loosely bound ponytail which, anyway, is now in vogue.

Inadequate color powder
Women spend an average of about 150 per year in the shade of powder which does not match the color of their skin tone. Do your homework! Go for makeup, try as many different brands of shades in daylight, not under artificial light that is grown in most shops. So you will save money and be happier because of a fault-skinned.

How to get rid of Eyelash
Even if you're in a terrible hurry and makeup "on the fly", you must Mazet mascara from the roots of the lashes. If you just rub the tips of hair will look extra letters and hard, and will accelerate weight loss.Therefore, it is necessary to throw the head back and try to grasp the brush lashes from root to tip.

Washing my face before bed
Sloppy facial cleansing is the cause of 80 percent of skin diseases. So grab extra packing lotions, tonics and swabs and leave the bed, that you are always at hand.

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