Saturday, March 30, 2013

Summer is the enemy of your beauty

Say goodbye to ingrown hairs, excessive sweating, dry and cracked areas on the hair. We give you pro tips that will solve all of the negative effects of the hot summer days 

First Orange palms

Despite all the benefits of plant-chamotte delay, she know how to do hands after using the orange. How soap is not sufficient to remove the discomfort, try the following trick: soak cotton balls in lemon juice and rub over his palms. The acid will eliminate the color.

Second Due to the high temperatures are sweating a bit ... but you feel

Considering that the sweat does not really feel until it comes into contact with bacteria on the skin, opt for antibacterial cleanser. Then use antiperspirant like Nivea Pearl Beauty Stick.

3rd Pimples are headed in the "invasion" of the back and chest

The best way of defense against the relentless "enemy" is scrub that contains salicylic acid. After using the shower, apply lotion affected areas against pimples.

4th Heat is extracted from all the vibrancy of your hair

Moisture in the air can make your hair looks dull and relax. "Restore" with the help of the delta volume. But instead of applying only at the base, a remarkable amount of pull the whole length, and then dry it by going to hold your head upside down. If you hairstyle "fall off" during the day, just spray with water to reactivate the product already applied.

5th Your floral fragrance attracted to guys ... and insects

What sweeter smell, that you are attractive to bees, wasps, mosquitoes ... This means that you should avoid strong fruity and "sugary" smell. Replace them with "clean", watery notes. And to prevent the end to be a "buffet" for the insects to spread and some means of combating these-let them attack you.

6th Your nail polish bright yellow in the sun

When Masetto beige or pink nail polish, apply the coating. This will prevent any discoloration or tarnishing his.

7th Do you have unsightly red spots on my hands

Over 50 percent of women have "goose skin" (red dots that form the accumulation of dead cells around the hair follicles). Chlorine and exposure to heat can aggravate this phenomenon. The solution: a regular exfoliating glycolic acid based.

8th Your hair is so dry that only the haircut see salvation

Summer activities like swimming and sports can be a pretty dry out the hair and make you look like the ends of the straw more than the ace of seduction. So hold your hair "fit" with the help of special, intensive packages at least once a week.

9th Sexy, yet drawn strands, pońćinjuda quickly fade

The solution? All products are intended farbanoj hair, shampoo, conditioner over, to plant stajlingovanje.

10th Chlorinated water makes your blond highlights green

Chemicals from chlorinated (pool) water can easily destroy your blonde hair color and turn it into a greenish. However, if a protection agent for hair oil-based chemicals that help prevent penetrate and damage the hair color.

11th Lipsticks melt in your bag

So choose the ones in the tube, and at least until the autumn forget the sticks (this is true for powders). In this way, even if they are melting, will not leak out of the package.

12.Waterproof mascara will not be removed

If the party was long gone by the pool and your mascara is still stubbornly refuses to undress, do the following: Add the Elimination of eye makeup on swabs, keep it lean against the lashes for a few seconds longer than they usually do, and then gently Remove the stroke of mascara.

13th Sweat in unusual places

Nothing unusual, especially for women with curves. So use anti-perspirants to keep sweating under control between the breast and thigh. Use a spray versions that are not as sticky as stick or roll-on deodorant.

14th Goggles protect your eyes and prevent wrinkles, but you remain white marks after tanning

Mix a little liquid bronzer with cream for the eye area and apply it. Also, this part can be produced by means of a little self-tanner. However, the next time you apply sun protection factor high on the whole face and wearing a hat with a wide brim.

15th Root hair you are fat, and the ends are dry

When you wash your hair shampoo apply only to the root, a balm to the ends. During her stajlingovanja use products that have double-effect: dry the roots and ends of food.

16th Ingrown hairs rose your bikini

Increased excretion of fat in the summer can clog the follicle and cause ingrown hairs. Use peel-based salicylic acid to the affected areas to clear remove dead cells. Then apply the product to dry out on the base of salicylic, glycolic acid and hydroxyl.

17th Spend hygiene in unlimited quantities

Summer means heat and constantly showering. So do not overdo it with cleanser and body care. And a small amount will be enough for perfect hygiene and care.

18th The only hairstyles that make a monotonous ponytail

To give your standard style slightly different note, natapirajte hair on the crown, and then tie into a high ponytail. Select the eraser to match with your hair color.

19th Your skin is shining more polished car

Lotion that kills the glow will help you to keep over-secretion of fat under control. It is recommended to use oil-free foundation and concealer dots only where necessary.

20th Lips are you burnt (but not of the evening action)

Well, why not wear gloss with SPF? Soften lip liners from milk and ice. Then apply a balm that contains palm oil.

21st Make your armpit hairs away from the attractive

To more effectively shaved the body, raise your hand to tighten the skin, and then pulling the razor shave from the bottom, and up. Choose one that has three or four feet.

22nd Pete you are dry and cracked

The only thing that will help is that every night Mazet special cream for the feet, and then put on socks and so sleep. Trust us - it helps.

23rd Concealer is removed as soon as you dive

What is the point of concealer to hide pimples when he, as soon dive into the water, takes off. So opt for a waterproof version that will take longer than usual, and allow a relaxed swim.

24th Hate swimsuit for cellulite

For your information: like it or not, guys are simply forced to the beach to see the skin. So, if you have any that you would like to napravilnosti hide, do it with the help of bronzers. After all, remind yourself how much better you look when your skin is tanned. 

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