Saturday, March 30, 2013

Small secrets of the most beautiful women in the world

Nurturing female beauty in Egypt, China, Italy, Israel, Belgium, India ... 

In the eternal quest for beauty women all over the world, women have found a variety of strategies to maintain a youthful appearance, flawless complexion and shiny hair. Discover the proven secrets of beauty which is used by women around the world. Tricks of beauty vary among different cultures and are passed down from generation to generation. Knowing this secret many women have found ways to emphasize your natural beauty, slow the aging process and how to naturally cure many health problems. For you to discover little secrets that women in all parts of the world used to look nice:

China: In order to have a nice, strong and shiny hair is rinsed Chinese mixture of rosemary, water and green tea. Green tea and drink, and it is another reason for their youthful appearance. Turning green, white, yellow or oolong tea into your diet is a wise move if you want to do with one stone good for your health and beauty, because these teas are rich in antioxidants, which help us in the fight against free radicals, which are harmful effects reflected in the disease , malignant diseases, dermatological diseases, and premature aging.

Egypt: A beautiful look starts with pearly white teeth. Women in Egypt using a combination of baking soda, salt and lemon juice to iščetkale teeth for a perfect smile. This is an effective way of whitening teeth, but do not use it more than once a week so as not to damage the tooth enamel.
Ivory Coast: African women rely on the amazing properties of shea butter to skin hydration and gifted using rooibos tea as a natural substance that keeps the skin young by using large amounts of tea contains antioxidants.
Italy: For long, thick eyelashes and Italy's strong use castor oil (vatina swab apply on the hair roots), and use it for strengthening hair and nails and dry skin renewal. Italy's most well-known and value of olive oil and use it to hydrate lips, hair and body.

Israel: Women for beauty use black mud, which helps health (treating skin diseases and helping people who have arthritis). Black mud Israeli specialists climatology extracted from the bottom of the Dead Sea, and it contains a number of minerals that nourish the skin and restore it.

Philippines: Here women use aloe vera gel for hair by strengthening it rubbed on the hair roots. Also use a mix of fresh grated ginger and finely chopped lime juice as a remedy for dry skin.

Belgium: Although the protectors of animals on this cower in Belgium is mink oil popular in cosmetics and is used to reduce stretch marks and other skin irregularities. The oil is great for moisturizing skin and even hair.
Spain: In order to get beautiful, shiny strands of hair care wash using half a cup of mineral water mixed with half a cup of cranberry juice.

India: Coconut and almond oil is used among Indian women in generous quantities due to their hydration properties (whole-body). Not only that, coconut oil promotes hair growth, while the almond oil is great for dry and damaged hair. 

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