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Skincare by blood type

For the beauty of the skin is largely responsible for the blood type, which determines your skin type, and how her care 

The blood that runs our veins gives us life, and healthy blood means a healthy and strong body. So when you hear that beauty comes primarily from the inside can not be understood in a literal sense, because the blood is responsible for most of the beauty that radiates from you. But did you know that the way of skin care depends on the blood group that runs your veins?

You may be doing this very unconventional approach, because at first glance it is difficult to find a link between blood type and skin care, but our body is a very complex organism that no one else by the end failed to grasp. The fact that different groups krvim match different style of food, so it is not surprising that there are no links with the skin, its health and beauty.

So if you think you could make your skin look better, it is necessary to start from the diet by krvim groups that you can read on the website ┼Ż, and external care.

For starters, if you do not know, find out who you are blood type and read what you can do for health and beauty.

Blood Group A

Read an article about nutrition blood groups A - here.

Women with blood group A, have skin with very small pores, which is less prone to sweating and no problems with too much fat, which also applies to the warmer months of the year. In fact, you could say that people with blood type A have a slightly colder skin. While the small pores can be a blessing, on the other hand, means to be prudently applied cosmetics, cosmetic products because too much can mean too much stress and clogging of skin pores.

For this skin type is recommended to use olive oil as a separate cosmetic preparations, and cosmetics based on olive oil, just because it has the best vitamins to nourish the skin. We recommend the use of refined oil that is refined, and will provide all the necessary skin fatty acids, causing skin will become smoother and softer.

Given that people with blood type A have a slightly lower core temperature, and that means tightening the skin, which can cause slight wrinkles, folds and lines, not only the face but the whole body, so recommended to wear something warmer clothes so leather not aged too quickly.

Use a lightweight translucent loose, especially the base, because your mission is to cover any shortcomings and emphasize the beauty and health of your natural skin. If you're sleep deprived, it is best to use a base powders that contain natural shine effect. If you're particularly happy with your skin, use as little prozra─Źnijeg powder that gives the effect of naturalness. As for the other makeup for people with blood type A, work best light, bright eye shadow, which will lead to much better effect due to increased humidity eyes.

Blood type B

Read an article about nutrition blood group B - here.

Unlike the very "grateful" the skin of people who carry a blood type A, type B is, it is fair to say, almost the complete opposite. In fact, these people have very sensitive skin, which is very prone to frequent changes due to external and internal influences.

Since the metabolism of people with blood type B a little faster, there is a possibility of easier Humectante skin, and therefore recommend cleaning skin that is slightly acidic. The pH of these people is between 4.8 and 5.6 which means it goes to the acidic condition, and the use of leather cleaners that also have a slightly acidic base will give the best effect. Alkaline cleaners should be avoided as it can cause a number of skin problems and inflammation.

Avoid soaps with scents! Peeling is definitely recommended, but let it be mild, free of coarse particles due to skin sensitivity. When you exfoliate the door to do with movements up and down, because the time you backed natural skin tone. Recommended to avoid the area around the nostrils pilingiranja because it is usually very sensitive in people with blood type B.

People with blood type B correspond to the best gold shades - powder and blush, and other dark shades of gold and brown. When applying base powder, use one that will lighten your path, and apply it to a golden hue mineral powders that will give your face a clean golden glow. Blush can vary from dark shades of pink and gold already mentioned, and bronze. Eyeshadow select golden-brown and similar warm color, and mascara for volume and eyelash extension.

Blood type AB

Read an article about nutrition blood group AB - here.

People who have in themselves this very rare blood type, can be said to be very happy in your own skin.The skin of people with blood type AB has a very strong ability to adapt to different conditions, and adapts very well to the increased solar radiation. The downside of this type of skin that may show earlier signs of aging and maturity.

When it comes to skin care, it should be an emphasis on natural cosmetics, including domestic remedies.Primarily, avoid washing up in hard water. If possible, use spring water, but considering that it really does not sound even a little realistic, get a good spray your face with mineral water.

When it comes to domestic preparations and face masks, face, apply the egg white from the yolk, which will give your skin many nutrients. Do this as often as possible, at least once a week. Egg on his face holding a minute or two, otherwise it will dry out the skin too much egg.

People with AB blood type often have problems with peripheral circulation, so it is possible blanching face, as you can with the right make-up to turn in their favor.

Primarily, you should choose a good quality base powder and concealer together cover all possible imperfections in the skin. Make sure the base is powder in your skin tones or just a shade darker, and correction shall not deviate from your color.
If you have problems with pimples, apply concealer and pat with your fingers, and if the pimples are inflamed and protruding, except in color correction, use the first green concealer to counteract redness. As for other makeup, keep it natural image with a gentle pastel colors.

Blood type 0

Read about the blood type diet 0 - here.

The skin of people who carry the blood group 0, the most important is good sleep every night, at least eight hours, as this is the time when your skin regenerates best. Also, if at all possible, people with blood type 0 is recommended for an afternoon rest, between 40 and 50 minutes, not more than that. If you can do that, you will not have so many problems with the skin, as it is perhaps now the case, the expanded pores, increased Humectante or drying.

It is necessary to avoid facial cleansers based foam because it dries out the skin too much, which will cause excessive greasing, and skin problems. Instead, use mild creams or gels for cleaning. Use creams and other cosmetic products which themselves have a protective SPF factor, because the skin has a very poor protection capabilities against UV bands. In the summer do not leave home without the factor 20, a winter without factors 10th 


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