Monday, March 11, 2013

Shampoo from your kitchen

Lemon, olive oil, thyme and beer work wonders on a completely natural (and cheap) base. 
Hair care products you can make yourself with a few basic ingredients. Homemade shampoos are completely natural, and best of all is that you can make just one that perfectly suits your hair.

Lemon for light hair
The most practical recipes for hair care - squeeze two lemon juice and apply to wet hair, leave on for ten minutes and then rinse the hair thoroughly with clean water. Lemon gives hair shine and healthy look, makes it lighter and is good for the scalp.

Olive oil and milk for dull hair
Stir in the remaining olive oil in a small cup of milk and continue to mix until a uniform liquid. Rub mixture thoroughly and leave for 15 minutes. After that, rinse well.

Thyme for dandruff
Thyme is highly effective against dandruff and itchy scalp soothes. In a bowl, boil 250 ml of water with three tablespoons dried thyme, rosemary and spoon a tablespoon of sage. Allow to cool, and then apply the liquid to your hair and let it work about ten minutes.

Beer for thin and crazy hair
For light hair is the best wheat beer, while the darker it is recommended that more stout. After application, it is not necessary to rinse - the smell will go away by itself in a few minutes. Beer gives hair volume, and if you have problems with cracked hair, beer in the same proportion with the yolk mix and leave for four minutes. 

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