Saturday, March 30, 2013

Seaweed in cosmetics

Modern cosmetology conducted a variety of research and came to the discovery that oligo elements of the sea and seaweed can be successfully used in cosmetics, especially in lifting programs. Algae, among other things, nourish the skin, and the presence of oligo-elements accelerates cell regeneration and microcirculation, which helps to revitalize cells. 
Masks of algae stimulate the immune system of the skin, softens and soothes. Work best when they are hot.Recommended for skin that is exhausted for any reason, because her high concentrations of minerals in the mask accelerate blood circulation and restore vitality.

Depending on the species, algae seem more or less to a problem, but stimulate cell metabolism and enhance the natural immunity of the skin. Scientists discover every day new active substances in specific molecules that are synthesized only in algae. The active ingredients are tested algae long time, even two years after the harvest.
Algae used in cosmetics generally are harvested and collected in the ocean depths.
They are divided according to the color red, blue, green and brown:


Mirual - serves to eliminate free radicals and regeneration.

Coumarin - act against free radicals, smoke, nicotine, nitrogen oxides and heavy metals.

Phyactyl - act against oxidative radicals and ozone.

Efficiensea - anti-aging.

Actiseane - helps skin regeneration, anti-aging effect its wealth of plant hormones.

Helion - protects against UVA radiation.

Omegaceane - the oil moisturizing agent.

Marine heather - inflammatory processes.

Treatments with seaweed and sea elements

* Hidrolift is one of the most important anti aging face and body through which the therapeutic use must be underwater. With algae in hidroliftu may be other biological quality ingredients known in the cosmetic use.This treatment is applied to the face, neck and bust. The mask is applied to the end of the treatment. After a while the Urola bottom-up, and skin stays soft, moist and fresh. For even better results this treatment is given in combination with santronikom, because they have different powers of regeneration. Hidrolift can be used on the skin of the body especially the arms, legs and glutes, or some other areas that are rough.

* The cosmetics have a lot more knowledge and imagination to compose different biological components to the treatment of skin and get the most beautiful and become fresh even in his advanced years. Such a combination is found in collagen foil, containing extracts and algae. When placed on the skin, soak the liquid serum and eksrakcijama to adhere well to the skin. Since the film is very wet, squeeze it in your hand and massaged with a moisturizing finishing mask. This treatment regenerates the deeper layers of the skin and can be done in a series of serious duration looks nice and fresh. 

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