Saturday, March 16, 2013

Proper washing of hair

If it seems a simple task, every day in the salon appears at least one client with scalp problems that are not medical nature than to the person is caused by improper brushing hair. 
A few simple tips can prevent many unwanted effects such as dandruff, dull hair, discoloration, and permanent damage to the hair follicle.

The first step is choosing the right shampoo, and it depends primarily on the natural structure of the hair.Cheap shampoos contain aggressive industrial detergents, that a normal, strong hair probably will not hurt, but if you have, for example, curly, fine or chemically treated hair, do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser is a product that is right for you. What seems expensive professional shampoo are natural oils that are soluble in water, and - unlike the cheap but non-degradable silicone - will make the hairs plaque that after a while could make the hair appear dull and slow its coloring.

What kind of shampoo to choose:

Curly hair is usually very dry because the natural sebum produced by the scalp, and that naturally nourishes the hair, it does not travel to the tops of the same pace as in the case of a straight or fine hair.Therefore, creamy, moisturizing shampoo ideal choice, and apply conditioner after washing ultrahidratiziraju─çeg really necessary. Also, with this type of hair should avoid daily washing because the hair could become frizzy and unruly.

Thin hair, however, are intended for mild shampoos which is the most common ingredient panthenol. Many experts now agree that the scalp, which is a natural continuation of the facial skin, you should apply the same form of hygiene and frequent and even daily by removing impurities, excess sebum and residues of styling ensure smooth hair growth.

For chemically treated hair is often a problem of fat and dry scalp and the tops are washing can turn into a real problem. Too strong shampoos will make it difficult hair too soft and will remove all dirt and therefore will create new even faster. It is best to choose a shampoo designed because normal hair type and the hand-washing to focus on the scalp, apply a nourishing conditioner only on the length and ends.

Special types such as excessively oily or extremely dry hair, sensitive scalp, dandruff and so on., Require special attention. Sometimes tip the hairdresser will not be enough and the person may need to contact a dermatologist.

Proper washing of hair

However, regardless of the type of hair, I wash procedure is always the same. In doing so it is extremely important to the water temperature, which should be hot enough to melt the fat, but it should not be hot, because it can damage the scalp. After enough hair with water, a small amount of shampoo between your palms and rub with your fingertips massage into scalp.

A simple massage is not only enjoyable, but it will remove the dirt and dead skin cells, which will stimulate circulation and hair growth. But do not overdo it with shampoo, because the protective layer of skin of the scalp is very sensitive. If after the first washing hair is not enough pouting, repeat the process. Hair length is enough to saturate the foam gently; unnecessary rubbing can permanently damage its surface layer. Always rinse your hair longer than you think you need to make sure that you completely remove any residual detergent. Then drain and apply the appropriate conditioner. Do you have time, arrange his hair comb wide teeth and leave for several minutes. Followed by another rinse, then wrap your hair towel to absorb excess moisture. 

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