Saturday, March 16, 2013

Perfect lipstick

Spread with bright lipstick or gloss coated only, 
lips always send a message.
What message will be, depends on you and how makeup.

Even in ancient Egypt was preparing a mixture of red ocher
that plied the lip reed twig.
After centuries of experimentation around 1900.
French house Guerlain has made a pioneering step,
Lipstick is made of enameled silver tubes
from which the color could push up.

Ladies European society did not receive a new exclusive toy
until Helena Rubinstein is the 1915th New York arrived on the scene.
His first creations Valaze Lip Lustre in a light,
medium and dark varieties sold in 1920. for a few dollars.
Thanks to the silver screen icons,
like Clara Bow and Mae Murray,
that have occurred in the commercials, these lipsticks quickly became a hit.

Lipstick Revolution began:
Maybelline lipstick was discovered that the mother kisses 1;
929th Elizabeth Arden was popular as coca-cola;
Max Factor cosmetics is called make-up.
Film diva Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo not very pronounced lips? Unthinkable.
As today is unthinkable without beautiful,
našminkanih lips to see any woman who keeps to himself.

How to choose?

According to skin color:

The color of your skin is essential to choose the right shade of lipstick.
Women whose skin has a bluish glow
should choose cooler colors like burgundy or purple,
and those whose skin has a yellowish glow warmer tones
such a vivid red or bright blue.

The color of hair:

When choosing roses is important to take into account the color of hair:
pastel pink for blondes,
All shades of red to brunette,
brick and orange color for redheads.

* Pink: This color is easy to wear.
Softens facial features and perfect fit brunette hair bright.

* Copper: If there is a golden glow, increases lip volume,
a particularly good fit, dark-haired. Excellent points Complexion,
good fit and a light complexion, and the copper color with a hint of orange.

* Color Plum: This is the color of the face framed by dark or red hair.
Lips must be clearly defined and not too large.

* Red: Classic rose color, ideal for dark and light hair.
Flame red fits perfectly blonde, not a redhead.

The right way:

* Get rid of disadvantages: If your lips peel, peeling, first do:
soft toothbrush you apply a moisturizer.

* Prepare the surface: remove the flaws and you will extend the duration of roses
if you first apply a thin layer of liquid foundation
well it osjenčajte soft sponge.

* Outline the lips: neutral colored pencil or colored roses first borderless lips.

* Apply lipstick: If you apply the lipstick directly Stick
be careful not to cross the line that you drew a pencil.
If you apply a flat brush, the color will be more compact.

Helpful hints:

* When buying lipstick, do not try it directly on the lips.
It is enough to pull a short stick on the back of the line.

* Always close the window or door stop in perfumery.
The artificial light color changes.

* If you make a mistake in choosing colors, do not throw the lipstick,
try to mix it up with some of the lipsticks you already have.

* If you have dry lips, do not apply before the rose moisturizer
because the paint will run. Use special products to prepare your lips for lipstick,
soften them and fix the color. Use a creamy, moisturizing lipsticks that
soften dry skin lips.

* Do not rub your lips after putting on lipstick.

* Do not go during the day to renew lipstick,
First remove the rest of the tissue rose first and then apply a new coat of lipstick.

* Do not put lipstick on a crust because herpes can spread infection
and will not look good. Wait until the wound is healed, and if you want to hide,
Use of this antiseptic concealer.

Five steps to perfection:

First Apply foundation to your lips - use a sponge for make-up for more even application.

Second Lightly trace the contours of the lips using a pencil only slightly darker than the natural color of your lips.

3rd Apply lipstick with a brush or brush because it's more precise.

4th Soak it with a tissue and re-apply.

5th Use lip gloss - apply it to the center of the upper and lower lips to create the illusion of fullness. 

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