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Perfect hair, beautiful hair

Beautiful hair
Of course it feels good when you send someone a compliment that your hair healthy, shiny and (oh so) sexy! But how to find the right strategy for perfect care and styling? You have so many dilemmas, as the hair on his head.

We asked professionals to help us solve the twenty most common hair dilemmas ...

1 How often should I wash my hair?
If necessary, it should be done every day. Of course, use a mild shampoo. In addition, always keep in mind a few important things:
1 Apply less shampoo.
2 Prior to rub shampoo on your hair, dilute it with water.
3 If your hair is very damaged or dry, apply shampoo just to the roots, and not along the strand.
4 Finally, rinse with lukewarm water.

2 affects the nutrition on the appearance of the hair?
Unfortunately, the diet you can not achieve that hair looks like a lush mane, but can not improve its brilliance and luster. Legumes, lentils and beef have a positive effect, because they are rich in iron, which prevents its degradation. Similar effects have nuts, rice and grain products whole grain (rich in copper, zinc, biotin, and unsaturated fatty acids).

3 Do you bind your hair conditioner?
No, at least not when the hair requires special care. Balm recovering its jagged pieces and makes it easier to shape. However, it should be applied only to the damaged parts, for example, or the ends of the strands of dyed hair or bleach job. If, however, you want to give your hair extra care, use a hair mask. In no case do not apply too much preparation and gently rinse. When choosing a conditioner, be careful - do not contain the same amount of each balsam substances which boost shine.

4 What is the amount of hair care enough?
Most women exaggerate the use of hair products. The formula "as many shampoos, hair cleaner that" does not. Namely, it is enough to cause the amount of shampoo on hand coin of 5 dinars. The amount of hair masks should fit the size of a walnut, balsam Chestnut, and fluids to protect hair Pea. Very long or thick hair requires a little more preparation application.

5 To save the hairstyle when things go wrong?
Sometimes you may think that every single hair decided to spoil the day. Because of the numerous obligations, you have not washed your hair and waiting for you important meeting. Then reach for many wonderful hair weapon (re) working women - hair styling spray or hot rollers to "fix" loose curls. Alternatives are: shampoo for dry hair washing or baby powder will absorb the grease from the root hairs and your hair looks like you've just washed. And when nothing else could help, use the good old trick - pick up the hair in a ponytail.

6 How to prevent hair loss
If you encounter this problem, do not let the panic immediately. First, watch the hair two to three weeks, and then contact a dermatologist. The basic assumption is that every day can be lost as a hair. But if a day instead of forty, eighty hairs lost, the situation is alarming. The cause of the problem can be intense sun, iron deficiency or disorder of the thyroid gland. To determine the specific cause of your problem, it is best to consult a dermatologist who will direct you to the necessary analysis. And are there any other options that can help? Try dermatological shampoo, lotion and capsules can be bought at any pharmacy snabdevenoj better.

7 Does the fifties hair requires different care than in the thirties?
That's absolutely true, because - in time - old scalp, and the hair becomes thin, brittle and loses its shine. To make a little parallel: like facial skin requires different care in the thirties and fifties (in later life should be cherished Q10 creams that contain essential fatty acids and carnitine), as does the hair. Therefore, in the fifties antiejdž need to use hair products that will enhance its lightness and shine.

8 Is any hair the same?
Haired women have about 100,000 hairs on your head. This hair color is spread across the world, because it dominates on continents such as Asia, Africa and Latin America. Now consider the fact that the continents have a very large number of immigrants who settled around the world ...
Blondes have approximately 150,000 hairs, so - more than any other, but their hair is much thinner and finer. Most blonde comes from the Scandinavian countries. An interesting fact is that in the world there are only ten percent of natural blonde.
Redheads have about 90,000 hairs on his head, much less as compared to people of other hair colors, but the red hair is much stronger and more powerful. Only one percent of the world's population has natural red hair. Not to be completely gone, redheads were contacted and organized through specific forums, and there are even dejting organization specifically for "readheads."
You are concerned with some 110,000 hairs in the middle. The conventional wisdom is that they are very intelligent woman of strong character. Looking for evidence? Among the winners of the Nobel Prize vast majority were brunette.

9 In what must be considered before coloring your hair?
Before painting does not need to wash your hair, because a fine layer of fat protects the scalp from chemical loads. Intensive care before the procedure would be counterproductive. If you dye your hair yourself, keep in mind that the length of the hair to the shoulders need two packs of color.

10 When their hair is really worth it? 
When there is a change in hair color, hair style, or radical change mini-wave. Only experts will assess exactly your natural hair color and mix the desired tone - that way there will be no unpleasant surprises.The same goes for the mini-wave: it is best to acid concentration and the size of the curlers determine experienced hairdresser.

11 Why has the thirties hair starts to sit?
During inhalation, in every cell of the body creates hydrogen peroxide, then - in the hair follicle, which usually neutralize the enzymes. Over time, this process works to worsen as rising concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. To put it simply, there is a kind of synthesis of natural resources for bleaching. For some people it happens earlier, some later. Do not be too concerned - and gray hair can look good, and to cover the stain.

12 What is the difference between blajhanja and paint blue?
From dark to light shades of hair - this change can only be achieved blajhanjem. Natural, dark pigments must be removed from the hair, and it used a relatively strong oxidizing means, such as peroxide and persulfate. When coloring in blue, it is removed with far less natural pigment, but in addition to the deposit of artificial hair color. Thus, for example, expands the range of colors. pepeljastih of the golden shade. As a means of oxidation, is only used peroxide, and the hair is a lot less damage, but the effect is weaker.

13 Why have better color without ammonia?
Are more pleasant smell. Smell is, in any case, much weaker than that emitted by paints with ammonia, which is used to "fill" the hair so that it can be deposited pigments. This role, instead of ammonia, some paints take special oils, which are both alkaline, but not so intense (read: nasty) smell.

14 Which products shaping produce the best results?
Of course, it depends on the hair style and hair density. The cream is good when you want to zaližete hair or to pick up in the ponytail. Wax gives shape and structure of the short hair. And the gel is good for styling short hair, even the most moderate length, as well as the wet curls. Longer hair will - if you apply gel and wax-look greasy, so use them in small quantities. To correct or style the hair, apply a little cream into the palm of molding and gently rub it into your hair. Hair spray works at any length and styling, but it's too easy to be blind hair.

15 May one styler that is used every day?
Temperature-dependent. New models (Braun or Philips) have the ability to regulate temperature for every hair type. So if you want to set the curls every day, do not do it at full power, up to 200 degrees. In any case, use special products for the design and protection from heat.

16 What should we know about the perm and curls?
Regular waves given volume
Mini-wave, has been undervalued technique to achieve hair volume, depending on the size of the curlers and techniques should be used only on the root of the hair or the entire length. He is not a good solution for the long hair, but it will look great on a short, straight hair or medium length. I blow a lot easier when the hair is slightly wavy hair style is a constant.
A large luxurious curls curlers - true or false?
Many believe that the big rollers achieve luxurious curls. Unfortunately, this is technically impossible, because - as the curler higher, the effect is weaker. To have perfect curls, apply when the hair curlers on the fan and make sure that the diameter is small curlers, a maximum of about two centimeters.
Does hair curling over changing its structure?
To become straight hair curly hairs inside the joints have to be "regroup." Think of them as the slats on a ladder that is influenced by chemical means fixed in the new (wavy) form. Of course, not all disconnected again to merge, and the hair loses its elasticity and can not come up breaking parts.

17 How can straighten natural curls?
There are several options, one of which is the hair iron. Although, it is much more modern permanent straightening. This procedure is performed in a similar way like a mini-wave, when the chemical substances in the joints broken hairs. After treatment, the hair is shaped. Pandan rollers with a mini-wave in the process of correcting the hair straightener that is "flat" strand by strand. Then, the fixing fluid, close the open connections inside the hair shaft. Hair should follow three days after correction.

18 How to chignon that they last longer?
The best posture will achieve the hair if the hair is not freshly washed because it will be easier to shape.Straight strands first screw onto the styler or hot curlers, and allow the hair to cool down to make it easier to shape. Always tapirajte third strand from root, because tousled hair holds better. Then, on the part of the hair, apply natapirani easy. Firming use hairpins that are wide locks.

19 How to set 'banana' bun?
It is important to have long hair to her shoulders. The comb into a low ponytail, secure, and then twist the tail upwards - first peaks. Shape of bananas, which also occurs, fix a hairpin and (eventually) with hair spray.

20 What are the best tricks to achieve volume?
Use products that enhance hair volume and hair is fenirajte with allowance for diffusion (try to do it on a small, circular motion). If you decide to tapiranje, use the special brush that will not damage it. Some highlights natapirajte two centimeters from the root hair in the opposite direction of its growth, and - before that - to apply a hair spray for volume. Not great at all by the hand when it comes to styling? Well, then use a simple trick that will achieve a sumptuous volume: change the natural parting, so you will straighten the hair roots. If you want to quickly "get" to a volume after washing, the fenirajte by the toss back over the head, or simply screw onto the few hot curlers.

Cheats for shiny hair

Whether your hair is suffering from a disorder caused by seasonal influences? These professional intervention to restore lifeless locks into a healthier, happier state.


If you suddenly look dull hairstyle, ask your hair stylist that you stepped haircut. Stepped soft strands that fall around the face can contribute to any style that has a length to chin length or longer, to get a better shape and živahvost.


Beat the dryness and electricity using hair mask once a week (or every other if you have a good hair). Look for one with panthenol, which helps to repair damage and enhance shine, or glycerine, which is much more nutritious and ideal for curly hair or razor. If you have fine hair, choose silicone mask or coconut oil, both because you can spljosnu hair. Put the mask on wet hair, avoiding the roots. For best effect, leave for 20 minutes before rinsing.

3rd Inflate the VOLUME

Many tools for volume contain a lot of alcohol, and applying them to the entire hair this can dehydrate hair.Lifting spray on the roots moist at root, a hair dryer dry 10 to 20 minutes, then point the hair at the root of the hair strands while lifting your fingers.


If you dye your hair, choose a shade slightly warmer in winter, to keep your shade look richer. Look for words such as gold or hot on the box, or the letter G in a number of shades.

Dyed hair shine

Gloss painted hair is difficult to maintain if you apply adequate care. Here are some simple tips that you might find useful 

Most importantly, use a shampoo, conditioner and mask specifically designed for your hair color

Gloss painted hair is difficult to maintain if you apply adequate care. Now in most cosmetic lines are preparations that nourish hair and protect hair from damaging external influences which is exposed on a daily basis. A few tips will help you to give her the best treatment.

* Most importantly, use a shampoo, conditioner and mask specifically designed for your hair color. These preparations were made on the basis of color components, which are more stable, updated and linked to the hair.

* Shorten your hair regularly, because regardless of the quality of color, often painting the tops of dry hair and cause cracking. Occasional trimming will return to her beautiful and healthy skin.

* If you do not have a izrastak, it is not necessary to paint the entire hair. Ofarbajte only izrastak refresh or hair dressing. You can do it yourself. Mix the paint with a little shampoo and water, apply a color izrastak, and the whole hair and hold for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse.

* Refresh your hair at least twice a month, and a suitable mask. The best effect give those made based on fruit extracts, oils, vitamins, seaweed, honey.

Seven tips for shiny hair

Little secrets of Hollywood stars for shining and beautiful hair. And if they do not know, no one will know. 

Clean, straight hair slicked back and attracts sunlight and thus gets a natural glow that gives light over him, She says. Hair is constantly exposed to negative influences such as sun, wind, air pollution, and beauty products, which causes dehydration and lifeless appearance. Healthy and shiny hair catches the eye, and with these seven tips and you too can have beautiful hair as famous Hollywood stars. 

First Cold water-Hot water removes natural oils from the hair causing loss of shine. Always rinse in cold water because hot water opens the cuticles dry out the hair and cause hair breakage. Also, do not wash your hair every day because frequent washing removes natural oils.

Second Brush with natural hair - Combing wet hair with plastic and wire brush the hair damage and break hair. Use a brush with natural boar hair and comb the hair in the morning and evening, head facing down.

3rd Straighten your hair - straight hair will always have more shine than curly. Avoid hair dryers as much as possible and leave it to dry naturally. When using a hair dryer, use a medium or cold air, before drying and styling, apply serum or other means of protection. Keep your hair pointing towards the tips to slicked hair.

4th Olive oil - After combing, the hair, apply olive oil and rub with your fingers topics. Olive oil hidratizuje hair and stimulates the release of natural oils, which gives the hair shine. Actress Melanie Griffith apply almond oil on hair to give it to shine and got rid of the cracked tops.

5th Beer - The Secret of Jennifer Lopez in washing hair light beer. If you have very dry hair, add a few drops of beer olive oil. Catherine Zeta-Džones also used beer for shiny hair. Mix the beer and honey and apply the mixture to your hair and leave for 30 minutes.

6th Eggs - Hollywood's secret to shiny hair is a mask of egg. Beat two eggs and apply the mixture to wet hair, leave it to stand for ten minutes, then rinse with warm water. You can mix the egg white egg with olive oil and leave it on your hair for about an hour, after which it will be washed with mild shampoo.

7th Healthy Eating - Beauty comes from within, and this rule is especially true for the skin and hair. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and olive oil hidrating hair inside and out. And a diet rich in protein is important for hair health. 

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