Monday, March 11, 2013

Morning rituals of beauty

Rarely has time for morning baths and room several hours before the mirror, most of us are available in only a few minutes that we have to be arranged so beautiful during the day. 

And really, when am sure all you have to do before leaving the house and going to work, when you really make an effort to greet a nice morning, all day to pass something nicer, with a hint of pride that you are a little effort instead of letting the time spent sleeping in bed, as long as the option was tempting.

Create a routine that will help you start a healthy balance of the day, and how you can help these few tips and examples.

● First of all, start your day with a good and healthy breakfast that will give you a much needed energy throughout the day. A healthy meal should contain a glass of milk, yogurt or natural solubles, a certain amount of common or cereal with fruit and fresh orange.

● devote ten minutes a morning physical training that involves gently stretching, sit-ups and some squats and pushups. It's especially important to follow the steps and be consistent. Believe me, the results will be very worthwhile.

● Do so, but be careful that you do not wash your hair every day too. While in the shower, you can use the time to shave and wash your teeth to save time, and after showering and dressing in clothes that you prepared the night before, it's time for makeup.

● On a clean face, apply moisturizer and concealer in places where it is needed. Pencil or eye-bath, draw the line on the upper eyelids and over the eyelid gently apply two shades of the same color, the brighter the inner and the outer corners darker eyes. Apply two to three coats of mascara, be sure not to skip the blush, but even lip gloss. All this will give you perfect but does not look too uptight.

● With the makeup on your face you're ready to go. Make sure that any time you have had to deal with a water bottle, and drink during the day required the recommended eight glasses of water. In addition to significantly improve your complexion and overall health, the water will help the body feel on takeoff, full of energy.

Whatever you do, whatever routine fit your needs, just be consistent and persistence will pay off in the long run. 

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