Monday, March 11, 2013

Misconceptions about skin care

Paula Begoun, author of "Do not Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me" or loosely translated, "Do not go without me in perfumery" which experienced its seventh edition, gives her opinion 5 Myths and facts about cosmetic products. Paula's a nice lady who has earned a lot of cash from the sale of his books, and cosmetics and makeup are at the center of its concern. Therefore, there is no doubt that she tried to tone cream and mackalica, cheaper and more expensive, so there's no reason to not trust her. It goes like this: 

First Myth: There is actually a product that eliminates wrinkles.

Fact: Unfortunately, there is no mačični beverage or any winning combination product, no matter how expensive they were, who really and completely removed by the facial wrinkles.

Second Myth: There are skin care products that really work better than Botox.

Fact: No skin care product does not look like Botox, regardless of all the ingredients and claims odrugim products. Even I do not work like Botox Botox if you apply it only on the surface and inject it directly into the facial muscles.

3rd Myth: Anyone need a day and night cream: The skin requires special care during the night.

Fact: The only difference between day and night moisturizing cream is that the day cream contains an additional and well blended sunscreen.

4th Myth: Mineral oils are very bad ingredient in cosmetic products for skin because it originates from crude oil and "stifle" the burden on the skin.

Fact: This is a silly misinformation about mineral oil and petroleum products as ingredients for skin care products. After all, crude oil is a natural product as any substance obtained from the Earth's crust. Mineral oil and petroleum products are considered the safest, non iritating moisturizing ingredients ever found.

5th Myth: Skin "eye" are specifically formulated for the delicate skin of eyelids.

Fact: There is no evidence, research or document to confirm that the skin around the eyes requires cream with different ingredients than those for the face, neck and décolleté. 

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