Saturday, March 30, 2013

Misconceptions about shampoo

Exposed myths about shampoo 

Shampoo is an essential member of the military preparations to use for personal hygiene. However, in recent times we are so bombarded with all kinds of properties, oils, extracts, which include shampoos, it's a measure escalate. The time has come to expose several myths related specifically to this product.

Hair can not be monitored every day

"If there's no soap, no good"
They tell you that the more real soap shampoo, your hair will be cleaner? It's not true. Soap opera is there only because of the psychological impact on users. Ideally, the shampoo should only produce enough foam to hand easily glides across your hair and scalp. A quarter of the amount of soap you're used to suffice for a good scrub.

"Quality products can recover flowering ends."
Then he wrapped chocolate groundhog ... When the ends flourishing, the only cure is a haircut. While not schedule a haircut, split ends zamaskirajte products containing silicone or beeswax.

"Washing your hair every day damage."
MYTH: Daily cleaning is safe and healthy. As long as you do not use harsh shampoos that extract natural oils. If you have oily hair, you prijaće daily washing. However, using a gentle shampoo with silicone, shea butter and panthenol. People with dry or damaged hair should still wash your hair every other day. Do not forget conditioner! In fact, instead of regents, it might be best to use package.

"The combination of shampoo and conditioner is a scam!"
MYTH: It's not just a scam to get you utrapili expensive product. Chemists can Smucka enough chemicals to clean the hair and also to sufficiently soften and feed your hair.
"After a while it gets used to the hair shampoo, shampoo and must be changed every six months."
MYTH: Honestly, where people such ideas? Hair is "dead" and can not "get used" to something. It is simply your perception of how the hair reacts to the new formula. So, if you kind of shampoo odrežena dear to your heart, there's no reason to change a habit.

"Washing with cold water gives the hair shine"
Pouring cold water head will just stir, but will not do anything to shine. On the other hand warm water can make hair is velvety. 

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