Saturday, March 30, 2013

Misconceptions about beauty

Beauty is a subject of speculation and strange beliefs like any other branch of industry. 

In order to look the best they can, intentionally or negligently accept anything which can help us to have more beautiful skin, fewer wrinkles, lush hair or get rid of hair - and what is admirable is that some of the dumbest myths still exist.

2.5 liters of water for healthy skin
So much water will only lead to more frequent towards the toilet. Try to drink a large glass of water before each meal, drink when you're thirsty over the day , and your skin will be quite nicely hydrated.

Cellulite reveals malnutrition
Then how can it also affect the babies, anorexic and people who have never smelled coffee or alcohol? Deposits that we call cellulite is actually the connective tissue that attracts pockets of fat under the skin, usually a hereditary trait.

Bad haircut - bad health
Anyone's hair will look great if you really care for adequate preparations and regularly suck.

Dry skin causes wrinkles
Wrinkles caused by two things: the sun and aging. Aging can not prevent it, but to reduce the chance that they know when their time is not, use a sunscreen all year round.

Coconut butter reduces stretch marks
In consultation with several pregnant women turned out that this is just one of the myths. Stretch marks appear ukolikos and genetically predisposed to get a coconut butter will not create the slightest difference.However, some expectant mothers said they felt good to Apply cream with this ingredient because they hidrirale skin so dry it was not uncomfortable, but did not notice any change in themselves stretch marks. 

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