Monday, March 11, 2013

Mint in skin care

Mint is an herb that is often used for skin care 

When most people think of mint, usually the first thought of food and drink. Many restaurants use it as a garnish on desserts, as an ingredient in alcoholic drinks - mojito cocktails for example, as an ornament. But the mint is not only a good decoration and food additive. This plant is excellent for skin care. It is very good for the skin of the face, which is why it is found in many cosmetic products.

The beneficial effect of peppermint on skin
Once you see how mint can do for your complexion and beauty, you will understand why a common ingredient in skin care products. As an herb, mint can be found in various places around the world, including Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. When you look at the declaration of skin care products, you may not immediately notice that the product actually contains some mint or not. That's because this ingredient is usually listed as "menthe".

One of the reasons why the mint became popular in cosmetics is that effectively soothes irritated skin. This is because relieves itching and contains high levels of vitamin A.
Do you have oily skin or you suffer from acne? Mint astringent effect, especially in the form of oil of mint.When used in this way, mint effectively treats existing pimples, as it is antibacterial and antiviral, and cleans and soothes inflamed skin and helps prevent new pimples.
Since this plant contains salicylic acid, can act as a gentle exfoliation, removing layers of dead skin cells, which keeps your pores from clogging. As a result, you will have fewer pimples and you will be able to enjoy clean and radiant complexion.

Cosmetics from home workshops

Cosmetic products containing mint can be found almost anywhere, and include them in the daily care of the skin, but you can also do some of the preparation with mint and nurture their face.

Mint Mask

This is a recipe for a homemade mask of mint can be used for oily and dry skin, and will help you to clean your face and prevent the occurrence of pimples.

fresh mint
one tablespoon of corn grits
Hydrolat roses

Blend all consist of medium-sized bowl, until a fine paste. The mixture should not be too watery or too thick. After you hit the density of the mixture, apply a thin layer of mint on your face. Leave it in for five to ten minutes. Rinse with warm water, gently pat dry your skin and apply moisturizer. 

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