Monday, March 11, 2013

Men's Skin Care

First Cleansing 
Cleansing should be the basis of maintaining the skin in men. By this we do not mean to grab the first soap that you can find under your hand and wash (usually too many soaps that dry the skin of your face). Men's skin is naturally rougher than women's, has larger pores and more active sebaceous glands. These glands are responsible for an internal hydration and natural moisturizing skin. However, they can often produce too much sebum (oily secretion of the sebaceous glands that protects the surface of the skin), which makes your skin oily. Irregular and improper removal of excess sebum leads to clogged pores and inflammation (pimples) on your face. To prevent this, use a certain tonic which are powerful enough to pick up any excess grease and yet gentle enough not to damage or irritate skin. It offers many high-quality and affordable products of its kind. For you to just do a little research.

Second Peeling
Some of you have no clue what it is all peeling. The usual face wash is often not enough to remove all impurities and stimulate skin regeneration. Simply put, exfoliating preparations contain small granules (granules) which when applied to the face and massage penetrate deeply into the skin, deeply moving dirt deposited in pores, dead skin cells and make your skin smooth and soft. Exfoliating product is usually in the form of gel to wash. After peeling and shaving is complete and thorough. The exfoliation allows the shaver to grasp the beard follicles deeper (because the surface layer of dead skin removed), and it is completely shaved.
3rd Wetting / skin hydration
Often use soap dries the skin further, making it stiffer to the touch and less elastic. The reason for this is the lack of moisture in the skin, because we too remove the soap. Let take daily shave it (which in itself is irritating), and we got the systematic destruction of the skin without you even knowing it. The solution is a mild tonic that will further deeply moisturize your skin through the pores that have spread only washing and shaving. For men who by nature have skin dryness, the solution is moisturizer.
4th Protect the eye
Place on the face that men almost never touch the eye area. However, the skin around the eyes is the only area where extra care is of utmost importance. Men stare at a different pace than women, which is seen primarily in the area of ​​the eye where the first wrinkles appear, much more visible than in women. The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of the face and is therefore more sensitive to external and internal influences and wrinkles. All this can be solved by using regular cream for the eye area.It is important to use the product regularly because one application will not make any effect. Every morning, after washing, light touch massage cream on the eye area and it will be after a couple of minutes to fully absorb into the skin, thereby protecting it.
5th Protect your lips
The skin around the eyes, the lips are the most sensitive area on the second spot. The skin on the lips is very thin and sensitive to external influences (cold, wind, solar radiation ...), but also inflammation and lack of fluids in the body. Skin is the most consuming sufficient amounts of fluids as it will "feed" from the inside and make it softer and podatnijom. This is especially evident on the lips. Fluid inside them are caring, and lip balm protects them from external influences. In this way, herpes will not be a common occurrence on the lips, or dry, chapped and rough lips. 

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