Saturday, March 30, 2013

Make-up tips

To get the most out of your makeup and cosmetics, use our tips: 
First When buying lipstick and eyeshadow, take with you a sheet of white paper. New lip colors can be tested on the paper along with a strip of eye shadow. So you can check the colors in daylight outside, away from the artificial lighting in the store. 

Second Fragrance: rather use two light formulas together, but a strong odor that can overwhelm those around you. Using a scented body cream and then lightly spraying the perfume of the same scent will result in long-lasting effect. 

3rd Just use regular cold cream to remove oil-based makeup. 

4th Make your nails more slender by applying a dark nail polish at the middle part of the nail, making sure not to take it all the way to the edge of the nail. 

5th When testing the color of the powder, and you are already on it, apply it on your neck or inner arm. The skin tone in these places more suitable person than the color on the upper arm, so you can make a better decision. 

6th To find the best place to apply blush, smile widely, take note of where the cheek rises to a round shape.This lifted part of the cheek is the best place to apply blush to look natural, because the flush will often color this area of ​​the face. 

7th For concealer to last many hours, apply it in small amounts, but in two or three layers. This technique guarantees durability. 

8th If you have oily skin, avoid toners that contain alcohol because it can dry out your skin and block impurities beneath the surface. To avoid over drying the skin use a toner containing AHA (alpha hydroxy acid). They help to smooth the skin. 

9th Every so often gather all the makeup they have on various places and do the analysis. Be ruthless and throw out anything older than two years, which has a musty smell, messy or runny, where liquids have separated, or anything that is dirty or falling apart (brush or sponge). After such a way you can purchase new supplies where needed and all the make-up kit, which will remain in excellent condition. 

10th If you have oily skin, use very little moisturizer or, if possible, none at all. Too much moisturizer on oily skin can cause makeup. 

11th If lip lines are a problem, apply lipstick vertically instead of horizontally. 

12th When removing makeup, take a Q-tip that has been dipped in a non-oily remover and run it over the eyelashes to remove the remnants of mascara. 

The task well applied makeup is to highlight the beauty and highlight the best parts of the face, and not to turn into a mask behind which we hide.

The eyes, the windows to your heart and character that are seen first. The eyes are the focal point for creativity, fun and elegance. Therefore, when applying eye makeup, it is necessary to create balance and harmony to reveal your true beauty.

Applying eye makeup can be a frightening concept if you are not equipped with the right knowledge and equipment. Once you learn the basics, you'll discover how much fun it is. All you need is the right color, shadow brushes, eyeliner, eyelash curler and mascara.

Adding color to the eyes automatically draw attention to them. Therefore, when applying eye shadow, choose colors that complement your skin tone and eye color. Use the iris as a guide in choosing colors.Want to create a polished sleek look.

Color Guide:
Blue eyes
To emphasize blue eyes use gray, pink, light purple, purple, orange, light-orange, gold or any shade of bronze. When selecting a shade of blue to go with the eyes follow the rule of opposites. (If the eye is dark blue, use sky, if the icy blue, use darker blues, even indigo.)

Green eyes
To emphasize green eyes use chestnut, royal purple, violet, plum, forest green, and brown. If it is a deep green, try using a darker shade, if pale green use a pale green eye shadow.

Brown-green eyes
To emphasize the green eyes, take a royal purple, pink, violet, and forest green. For more brown, use chestnut.

Brown eyes
To emphasize brown eyes use copper, bronze, champagne, beige, forest green, gold, and other metallic colors. Using shades of green will complement brown eyes.

Brown-black eyes
To emphasize deep brown eyes use tones with a pearly to bounce light. Try a sheer green.

Applying make-up secrets
When applying eye makeup, remember that a small amount is sufficient. It is better to start applying light shades, and turn up the intensity if necessary. Since curated make can alter the shape and appearance of the eyes, bones begin shading where the eyebrow, finger or shadow, the better shape of the eye. It is important to be careful not to apply eye shadow above bones rather be blending toward the brow bone.

How to Use a brush to apply eyeshadows
Apply shadow using a brush in a medium size. The brush will give you more control. Large eyeshadow brush will help you apply eye shadow to the entire eye in one go. The smaller brush will give a defining line.

Remember that you need to creamy shades synthetic brush and powder eye shadows in natural. Using these brushes for specific eye makeup will make it easier and cleaner.

First Begin applying shadow to the mobile eye, making sure that the shadow covers evenly and is blended upward movement. Remember to blend the brow bone. Move the brush in a circular motion, making you an even blend of color. Shadow should be applied to the inner corner and blended.
Second Apply the shadow on the other eye. Ensure that equal looks. Uneven shadow will upset the balance and harmony.
3rd Apply eyeliner close to the lashes. To create thickness. You can also lightly line the bottom lashes for a more dramatic and defined look. Remember that it is the loner, black for the night, and brown for daytime.
4th For more emphasis, apply a pearly white or ivory in the inner corner of the eyes and above the brow bone to highlight the eyes. Blend carefully so as not to look like a polka dot in the corner or a harsh line above the eyebrows.
5th Finish applying eye makeup with mascara. Curl the lashes to further open the eyes. Again, when applying eye makeup, it is better to begin with a light coat of mascara on the top and bottom lashes. You can increase the intensity by applying another layer, depending on the look. Look up when applying mascara to the lashes. Remember: your goal is to emphasize your natural beauty and create harmony. Keep these factors in mind when selecting and applying eye makeup: personality, age, skin color, eye color, hair color, clothing, fashion accessories, an opportunity which is worn makeup. 

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