Saturday, March 16, 2013

Magic perfume

Nothing stirs up memories like scent so, so in touch with the people smell a phenomenon is of great significance. Scent of a man causing people to sympathy or antipathy, but by how you smell that suits oneself. Every year produces many new scents, however, smells are not a reflection of fashion even though fashion style, because it gives designers and style, as well as the person who uses it. 

One and the same smell is not the same for each person, because each of the skin develops differently, depending on the metabolism of the body, the fat from the skin, the sweat, the time of year and so on. Rare are those who remain faithful to one and the same smell of a lifetime. Then their perfume and becomes part of their personality. It is recommended to use a lighter, svjeÅžijih odors during the warm summer months, and in winter you can choose to smell a little more difficult. Also, during the day it is better to use the same toilet water smell that evening use as a perfume.

Today the world is produced in the same tone of scented soap, powder, deodorant, body emulsion, bath, perfume and Eau, sometimes even hairspray. It is very fragrant, but also very expensive. During the day, after using the soap, deodorant and toilet use water as desired, apply a perfume but a lesser dose because of how odors can be comfortable, too, and so perfumed people may be uncomfortable around her.

The perfume is applied to the location where the most intensive to develop, which is behind the ear, the neckline and the place where shock pulse, it will be the heat of the body can feel all the characteristics of a smell. Never on dresses or underarms. How to always smell should outline the style of the person who is using it, it is important to find out whether you belong to the type of woman who likes sports clothes. Type of women sporting minimal makeup, but it has a sleek, sun-tanned often times that will suit your skin fresh, pungent odor. If you belong to the type of woman who is dressed extravagantly and who likes to draw attention to yourself, use the scent of exotic flowers, feminine and warm fragrance. If you are a romantic person who likes pleats, ruffles, ribbons and fur, choose sentimental, delicate floral scent. It is very important that there still remain true to his style, because that way your scent will become part of your personality. 

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