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Magic oil for beautiful hair

Jojoba oil, tea tree, coconut, castor, olive oil does not cost a fortune, and their actions can help restore the scalp and hair, and even enhance its growth 

Every woman dreams of a lush, healthy and shining hair, but unfortunately that many people do not succeed because of many reasons. While genetics certainly plays a role, on the other hand the health of your hair and scalp health affects your body.

Do you feel, no matter how much money you spend on different medicines and treatments for the hair and scalp, it simply can not be restored to its splendor and density? Perhaps the best solution is simple and does not cost much, and it is the oil that their actions can help restore the scalp and hair, and even encourage its growth. It is important to note, that the restoration of hair you can not expect miracles in a short time, for the first results you'll need to wait at least three months, or even longer. Be patient, we believe that the effort worthwhile.

Buy oil commercially available from Bio-food and herbal pharmacies, because there will probably be assured of quality oils that your hair deserves.

Dry and brittle hair

Jojoba oil generally has a wide range of activities, and therefore can treat a wide range of problems with the scalp and hair. Jojoba oil is derived from the seeds of jojoba. A lot of fatty alcohols and fatty acids, and therefore more like wax than oil. Jojoba oil is actually very similar to human sebum, the natural oil secreted by the skin, and can therefore be used for the treatment of standard skin problems such as dry and brittle hair, and even acts as a hair conditioner.

Also, jojoba oil, used for centuries to stimulate hair growth, as it penetrates the hair follicles and releases them from dirt and sebum forming plugs in hair follicles and prevent hair growth. Jojoba oil has antibacterial properties and can be used to treat dandruff and eczema. People who suffer from dry scalp and prhutavog, using the oil very quickly feel the improvement.

All you need is a massage jojoba oil into the scalp and leave for at least half an hour to operate, it will make your hair soft and supple. The best thing of all is that jojoba oil can gently rinse shampoo. By repeating the same procedure for a certain period, the results should be more than obvious.
Jojoba oil, you can mix it with other essential oils such as oil, comfrey, lavender or rosemary for improved performance. Except for medicinal uses for your hair, this oil will give your hair a nice smell.

The practical side of jojoba oil that will prevent your hair tangled in the washing. A few drops of jojoba oil to your shampoo, it will also affect your hair as a conditioner, and will neutralize the strong chemicals found in shampoos.

Damaged hair

Coconut oil is one of the best edible oil that can be used for hair care. Scalp and gives hair needed protein needed to rebuild damaged hair.

Rub coconut oil into your scalp, which will make your hair soft, silky, and will remove traces of dandruff.Of course, coconut oil acts as a conditioner for your hair, so you will not have a problem with combing.

Hair Loss

Many women spend a fortune on products and treatments to prevent hair loss, but I do not know everything they need for a renewal of the scalp is castor oil. It is usually considered primarily laxative or oil for the skin. Derived from castor bean plant, yellow in color and has a slight odor. Castor oil is also used to treat various infections and inflammation, to relieve pain and muscle spasms.

What is important for castor oil as far as the scalp is that there is very antifungal and anti-bacilno activities, thanks acids found in the oil. Castor oil also helps to keep the scalp moisture which in turn aids in preventing hair follicles in too fast dying out, and prevents hair breakage.

We believe that the majority is not a known fact that regular use of castor oil can stimulate hair growth and even increased in men who lose their hair. The same goes for thinning hair in women and men. Castor oil will definitely help in resolving problems with dandruff, but if you want to achieve the effect of shiny hair with volume.

What is important to use the oil regularly. Before it rubbed on the scalp and the rest of the hair, scalp hair heat it with a hair dryer, and after you apply oil, wrap your hair with a scarf or a cotton towel, and leave it for several hours. Repeat once a week for at least two months, if you should notice the first results.

The circulation of the scalp

The oil is used to treat various conditions the hair and scalp, but best known as the oil used against hair loss and dandruff against. So if you want to stimulate hair growth and prevent its further decline, tea tree oil is the right choice for you. The oil has a pale yellow appearance, and for derivation of tea tree wood, and its properties are still Aborigines knew, and it was used against viral, fungal and bacterial diseases. Not for human consumption, and is applied to the skin in a diluted condition as undiluted may cause irritation.

Regular massage into scalp tea tree oil, which will help in removing dead skin cells, improve circulation, which helps prevent hair loss and grow new ones. Tea tree oil is sure to dilute it with oil of jojoba, almond, coconut, etc.., Before you apply it on the scalp.
After some time of use, the hair will become thicker ii podatnije.

Fed scalp

If you would like your scalp is healthy and fed rich ingredients containing olive oil, mixes a mixture of egg yolks and seven tablespoons of olive oil. Mix everything well and apply on the scalp, wrap a towel or cotton scarf and hold it all together for about five hours. After that, wash your hair with shampoo. Your scalp will be fed, and the hair shiny and supple. Continue this treatment once a month. 

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