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Little things that make life beautiful

Daily rituals that we forget: The first morning coffee, browse a newspaper or read a book before bed improve life in terms of quality

What is your favorite ritual? Do you have any at all, you get to do something that a lot of fun, take at least five minutes while chasing after money, career, love ... And that's just in this order, because, according to British psychologists, this is the way to go most of the planet. However, when you slow down, take a break, relax, think almost everyone understand that completely forgotten about small, everyday joys that make life life.

The first coffee, browse the newspaper, read a book before bed can qualitatively improve the lives of more than you think. Enter in your life rituals with you cause pleasant feelings. It could be so many things ... It is important to consciously perform this ritual to encourage good feeling. And a way of greeting ritual may be, if the special in some way. Or, fresh flowers in a vase on the dining room table that will brighten up any meal, watching the stars in the open night, walk in the nearby woods or park ...

Doctors and psychiatrists in Germany for decades have studied whether and how "everyday little things" have an impact on the physical and mental zdavlje and the results were fascinating. The people who practice a daily ritual better handle stress, while those with more than three daily rituals have five years longer than the average life expectancy in old age are healthier and more vital. Ritual is great, but experts have published a list of those who have the most beneficial effect.

Morning exercise

Five to ten squats, push-ups, stretching along several vežbica will take your 15 minutes maximum, and will contribute invaluable health. First of all it will help you to thoroughbred even more quickly and efficiently than the strongest coffee. In addition, to correct muscle tension that often occurs after sleep, especially if your mattress and pillow are not appropriate. Lightweight vežbice raise energy and improve your mood. So you and daily responsibilities will fall hard, making sure that you will not have trouble concentrating at work because stretching the shoulder and the upper part increases circulation in the veins of the neck and brain "works better".

Morning exercise is recommended to anyone youngest helps to properly develop the muscles and prepare for daily duties in school, and middle-aged adults to maintain the elasticity of the body, alleviate morning headache that is very reminiscent of a hangover.

The first coffee

One of the most common daily ritual is the first morning coffee. As a fan of this aromatic beverage to help ensure that first coffee, which begins the day, is pure pleasure. Do not drink on the run, hurry while getting ready for work, because if so, it's better to skip it and instead drink tea or fruit juice.

First coffee to sip slowly, with pleasure, in small sips, preferably in the company of people you love. If gustirate yourself, then think about beautiful things, booking will save about what makes you happy, why life is beautiful, and let you smell the intoxicating cup awaken the senses.

Family Breakfast

Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal, not only in terms of nutrition, but also mentally. The first meal of the day is our base and that's why it should never be skipped, or eat in a hurry, with the legs.

Stand up 30 to 40 minutes early, prepare a delicious and healthy meal and gather the whole family around the table. Avoid unpleasant topics, and talk about the plans and daily duties, give support to each other.

Browse newspapers

The Internet has almost completely replaced the newspapers, many come only to information via computers. However, listing the daily newspaper is one of the rituals that have a positive impact on our mental and physical health.

Rustling of paper between her fingers at each turning page with relaxed reading and slow absorption of information from different countries of the world, politics, culture, sports, entertainment world ... much healthier way to familiarize yourself with the current trends, but many news absorption by the minute arriving at the sites.

Moreover, powerful headlines and bad news, combined with the vibration of the computer screen, almost devastating effect on the nervous system.

Nap after lunch

Research shows that people tend to sleep or nap after lunch, rarely have heart problems and high blood pressure. Our ancestors of this little ritual is almost not missed. And we?

Most will tell you that there is no time because of work, which is only partially true. If you can not sleep after lunch every day, you can do during the summer holidays or on days when you are not working, it's just that afternoon naps included in your list of "duty" and eventually you'll get used to the body. And when you wake up after only twenty minutes of light sleep, fully rested and relaxed as if you are sleeping less than eight hours, you'll understand why doctors recommend it.

A light evening walk

After dinner, light and pleasant walk will help you digest your food, but also to relax, clear your mind and relieve all the muscles of the body. Walking in the fresh air will help you sort out the best impressions on at the end, because moderate exercise and plenty of oxygen accelerates the brain.

Do not be surprised if you then think of some fabulous ideas and finally found out where the problem was in relation to a person or business. In addition, a short walk will help you and you fall asleep more easily, and the positive effect it is enough to be on the go for about 15 minutes.

Reading books instead of TV

How many times at the expense of "sacrificed" a movie or a series, and how many times you put down the TV to read? You probably, like most of the planet's inhabitants, often given precedence TV.

Books, regardless of subject matter, soothe nerves and relieve stress, stimulate ideas and creativity, helping to re-examine our attitudes and actions. On the other hand, while watching television, relaxing and even comical content, the brain passively absorbing information and emotions. It not only lulls brain activity, it has been proven that looking at the display aggressive acts on the nervous system, eyes and brain.Therefore, experts advise to avoid particular TV before bed, and give an advantage reading books, which will take us into a serene sleep.

Prayer at bedtime

It is scientifically proven that prayer has a healing effect, even the atheists, or people who do not believe in God. Psychiatrists explain this in several ways, and one of them is a strong effect of positive thinking.

Prayer encourages us to be better, and forgive yourself and others from mistakes and rise to every situation, even the most difficult. Pleasant, positive thoughts have a powerful effect on the astonishing life, and particularly effective when the point immediately before bedtime or after waking. While we need sleep, consciousness and the unconscious mind as to "touch" and then especially important to think through the send a good message.


What we dreamed about as kids? Do we imagine that we sit more than 10 hours at the computer, to strain your eyes and brain, sip coffee, irregular eating and sleeping, come home tired, tired of spending time with loved ones? Experts advise to think back to my childhood and remember how we imagined ourselves as adults. Probably smiling and happy as we sit at the table with loved ones, drinking coffee with friends, enjoy a trip with my family ... Most children imagine events that are easy to implement, but when we grow up and forget about the little rituals that we have enjoyed as a child, hope for the good future.

Psychologists advise that when you feel that you "hit the wall" and you want to get away from the monotonous daily routine, remember how you dreamed of as a child, try to be realized in this way and stay true to the imaginary rituals, because they will lead to personal satisfaction.

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