Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to whiten teeth at home?

To listen to the advice disarming smile Jeff Golub-Evans, a famous New York dentist. Thanks to him, many Hollywood stars have teeth like pearls, so try out his recommendations. 

Sami check your teeth. Peroxide used in teeth whitening treatment has the same effect on everyone. The best text is to put a piece of white paper near the tooth. If you operate a yellowish compared to paper, you need a bleaching treatment. If you are greyish, then it is necessary to repair, because it can damage the inside.

Before bleaching teeth clean them as best you can, and washing and using threads. Also, when you go to the dentist, brush your teeth and rinse water often.

After bleaching wash your teeth with a toothpaste special will prevent new stains. If agents for use mouthwash elect transparent or bright colors.

Eat right
Black coffee and red wine are the most serious enemies of white teeth. These ingredients it takes 30 seconds to penetrate the pigment, so it's best to drink these drinks while slowly gustirate and a glass of water. Try the coffee and add a little low-fat milk, and the menu and incorporate foods rich in cellulose - carrots, celery, kale. 

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