Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to shine in the morning?

Awakening: In the morning, you would not scared of his own reflection in the mirror, observe the rules that help to wake up nice and happy 

Look in the mirror after waking up can be very frustrating. If even after restful sleep you look like you're probdeli all night, it's time to change something in your life routine. A beautiful morning in the mirror as you prepare for the challenges of a new day can be very stimulating. And, most importantly, not impossible.Certain rules and tips can help you to wake up beautiful, and therefore satisfied.

First Earlier Cleansing
When it comes to cleaning your face, it's best to do this a few hours before they decide to go to sleep. In fact, if you remove makeup and wash my face just before bedtime, the ingredients that are supposed to work in the service of beauty will immediately be erased from the face.

Second Sleeping on your back
The average head weighs about four pounds, which is a huge weight on your face every night. Therefore, for better beauty sleep on their backs. Dermatologists say that for the amount of wrinkles on parts of the face can be estimated on the side where people sleep.

3rd More pillows
For better blood circulation in the body need to sleep on a large pillow or the head to put it on the higher part of the bed. Apart from being sexy, silk bedding is also better for the beauty of cotton, as gentle on the face.

4th Aid
In your face cream gets a little self-tanning cream or other creams that contain omega-3 fatty acid DHA.This combination will give you the desired shine.

5th Adequate nutrition
Bedtime should not eat carbohydrates and sugars. If you want to wake up beautiful, dine or proteins, for example, vegetables like asparagus, which are a natural diuretic. Will face in the morning to look soft and delicate.

6th Hairstyles for a dream
If you have longer hair, is a set of bedtime in a bun on top of her head, just as they often wear a ballerina.However, do not squeeze too hard that you would not hurt head. After celonońánog holding bun in the morning your hair will be lush and slightly wavy. 

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