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How to shape eyebrows?

Methods for plucking eyebrows 

All methods of plucking eyebrows, experts say the most important part of your eyebrows face. Do you have a perfectly decorated brow shape - you do not need any other accessory on my face! They highlight your eyes, say your character looks, enriching the whole face ...

Also, properly plucked eyebrows can enhance your eyes, cut nose, forehead lift ... All this without plastic surgery - through simple methods, and up to you to decide for one of them. Before you throw any of the methods that we will describe to you, think carefully about the shape of the eyebrow that you want. The most common threat of the 'intervention' is excessively thinning. The girls are very easy to get carried away and immediately figure out that they are exaggerating and that the plucking their eyebrows are the only other two taaaanke hyphens, funny and barely visible. Then just follow painstakingly waiting period springing any new hairs to make it through the final few weeks of thing could be corrected. Therefore, be careful not to zaneseš!

Maybe not a bad idea for a first pulling visiting professionals (especially if you have a scar in that area, or simply have not enough skilled at self-adhesive), that you will in no time to resolve the matter immediately and determine the form that later you just have to maintain. But do not forget the damage beautician, before plucking, emphasize what the wanted form. Maybe she has another vision and could lead to confusion.

The same person can be consulted and darken the eyebrows, if you have a naturally bright and barely visible hairs on such an important place on the face. Tanning will make them fuller and more expressive.

METHODS plucking:

First With this method, using tweezers to pluck hairs one by one, from the root. Again poking through four to eight weeks. Such plucking takes time, but its advantage is that it will therefore tend to go wrong. It is important that you follow a good one and the other eyebrow (comparing them) and follow the natural shape. The shortcoming of this regulation is that it will not remove the tiny hairs and light above and below the eyebrows, which you can do a shadow over his eyes.

Second Pulling WAX layer of warm or cold wax, usually made of honey or with added aloe vera, naneseš precisely the underside of the brow, and set the desired thickness of the previous line and eyebrows and it quick and sudden movement pull, ie. put away from the surface. Within four to eight weeks, you will sprout new hairs. This method is fast, but requires high accuracy in the very beginning, because once you pull the wax, no return. Any hairs that are found under a layer of wax will be removed. And get ready, this moment will be painful!

3rd This method of pulling Conc is very popular in India and the Middle East, and it is with the help of two cotton thread, which is pre collide in a special way. They can be removed and the tiny hairs at the same time or a few hairs that will grow back in four to eight weeks. This method is great for those turkeys with sensitive skin because it is irritating.

4th PERMANENT hair removal If odvažiš to this method - laser hair removal root - make it up to those that have ever forgive the hair that you intend to remove. Of course, the matter is not so simple. Pulling out has to be repeated in several treatments would last forever. So although there is no irritation at pulling wax, some people and this method bolna.Na end invariably pay attention to what-is-possible-greater similarity of their brow - that one was not thicker than the other.

Always keep in mind that the important thing eyebrows on the face, or rather features, as well as your nose and mouth, and therefore they do not blindly follow trends. What we're in a fashion magazine to see Naomi, not necessarily a good stand on your face. Have they always act naturally, rather thicker than thinner, and neatly combed.

When you start yanking out the hairs, first pluck a few hairs from one brow and then the other, in order to be consistent. Never pluck hairs from the top, as you will begin to grow wild. Pluck hairs from the bottom up, first one under the arch of his eyebrows. In this follow the natural shape of your eyebrows. The upper edge of the brow you shall serve to shape the bottom edge. Eyebrows tapering toward the edges and remove the hairs in the direction of the ears, following the natural direction of his eyebrow. Početkajte eyebrows with the brush up and back, and then početkajte down the hairs to be removed.

First With the help of eyeliner or eyebrow shape, draw a line that would like and then pluck all the hairs that come out of that line.

Second Pluck eyebrows with tweezers. For hair removal, take it with tweezers as close as possible roots.Pluck the hair, by the hair, always from the bottom of the eyebrow in the direction of hair growth, quick and sharp movements.

3rd After pulling comb the brows in an upward and toward the outer edge.

4th To make your eyebrows were symmetrical, they define an eyebrow pencil or eye shadow. If you are in a place that lacks hair, the other set to overlay or to trace the movements of a light gap. Color pencils or blinds that you use for your eyebrows should be similar to your hair color.

5th Once again combed eyebrows, to remove excess pencil or eye shadow. To make your eyebrows look neat, put some wet soap or hair spray on your brush and passed it over your eyebrows. If you want to further consolidate, put a transparent mascara.

Rosli was arbitrary and inaccurate time hopping eyebrows
either at home or in a beauty salon.
New templates are hit eyebrow.

Although this year the catwalks again ruled very prominent brows a la Brooke Shields and Salma Hayek, makeup artists advise that you should not limit yourself to just one form of the eyebrows, which is currently in.

The process of shaping the eyebrows new tool is quite easy: the first template onto your eyebrows, then draw the outline and then using tweezers to remove any excess lint.
For the ultimate glow, it is necessary to once again lean pattern and color matching shades eyebrow brush blinds. 

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