Monday, March 11, 2013

How to keep your tan?

What kind of preparations used, and for which cosmetic treatments decide to keep your tan 

Facial moisturizer do not neglect after their return from the sea, in the sun and UV exposure, dryness of skin that are favorable and are one of the biggest culprits for the first signs starenja.Koži should provide enough moisture that it strengthens and protects. Otherwise you will be tightened, to be dull and prone to wrinkles. Moisturizing cream can supplement face mask, gel, containing thermal or sea water, essential oils, panthenol. Serum samples are recommended to improve the performance of moisturizing creams and cosmetics company offering a great variety of moisturizing emulsion that moisturize the skin, and lotions.They are excellent and creamy fluids.

How to keep a summer tan

Almost all who have spent part of the summer in the sun and swimming, and exposed to sunlight, the skin had darkened, and suffered intense UV radiation. After a summer of intense recommended, but mostly gentle that it would maintain a summer tan as long as possible. What kind of preparations used, and for which cosmetic treatments decide to keep your tan, we inquired at Diana Vukovic, owned hair and beauty salon "Zara".

"There are two main issues that bother after the holidays," How long you keep the passion reached ten? "And" How to tame the faster the sun and salt water drained, coarse skin? ". Suntan skin is very load. UV rays are absorbed by various layers of skin and are mostly converted into heat. Infrared-rays actually heat, increases performance, affects all layers of the skin and can lead to dehydration. After the holiday does not peel should be performed with large granules or strong massage brush, because they istančavaju skin and contribute to accelerated fading tan. They should also avoid showering too often or too hot water shower because such schemes skin even more dry.

Dry "summer skin" after cleaning requires a lot of moisture and fat. With treatments repair mechanism to protect their skin. If you have skin after the summer stocked with enough moisture and fat, not only will again be soft and supple, but will stop aging and skin orožnavanje. Donors of moisture, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, extracts of algae, bamboo and honey, silk proteins and mineral salts are something we need everyone who is exposed to the sun.

Thalasso treatments

Our informants recommended mandatory trip to the beautician and masks flizelina with substances such as collagen, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. "If the skin is irritated or are under stress, moisturizing active ingredients are used in the soothing substances, in which case I recommend collagen biomatrix with allantoin and panthenol. However, what I would definitely recommend the Thallasso treatments that contain active ingredients from the sea and, unlike synthetic products, penetrating deep into the skin by removing harmful substances, regenerating hydro-lipid layer of the skin and hydrating it. In fact, all the ingredients must contain vitamins and trace elements, minerals and eliciting our skin which supplies vital substances.

Alginate protein supplies energy skin cells and protect it from drying out. Vitamins and beta-carotene protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment, fight against free radical damage and act as a natural anti-aging complex. For all skin types, face and body are important extracts from algae and plants that refresh the skin, regenerate, moisturize and mineralized. At the very treatments used different algae species specially adapted to the face or body, and after gentle exfoliation for body seaweed, body wraps nemašćući in a special gel-packs of algae. This wrap moisturizing effect, provides the body with minerals and stimulates metabolism.

To sun-damaged skin of the face is not to be denied, is treated SPECIAL refreshing and soothing packs "hot-cool" masked promote metabolism, and soften and reduce fine lines.

Ever since antiquity undoubtedly in active ingredients from the sea and its plants the power is accumulated to the health and welfare of the face and body. Thalasso treatments removes harmful substances, broken, bring moisture and cause regeneration - in short: a nice feeling to the face and body at the end of the summer, "says Dijana Vukovic.

Still UV protection

The sun is still strong, and continue to use products containing UVA and UVB filters. It is recommended that during the winter, although less radiation, caring for a person living creams that contain adequate UV protection. This is the best way to prevent aging as UV rays have proven detrimental effect on the skin. 

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