Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to hide flaws?

Regardless of whether wearing the waist, above the waist or below it, it can change the whole look of clothing. And more than that of the whole body. Therefore put on the belt of a given place can fix the appearance of the body or malfunction. 

Debt waist and accentuated hips: This position suits a wide waist belt, not too tight that actually covers your hips.

Short waist and heavy hips. A narrow belt, not too tight, slightly below the natural waist.

Slim short waist. The belt must be positioned exactly at the place of the natural waist, not lower, as would be the case only highlight the hips.

Brief very rounded waist and hips. Typical of many women who are sitting. The belt comes just below the right waist.

Skinny, weak hips. They fit a wide skirts or dresses - bags with a lower belt set that does not pinch the body.

WIDE WAIST, strong hips. Even when the belt is in fashion, give it up and choose the model that follows the lines of the body, but does not stand out.

DEBT slim waist. It'll fit you "empire-dress" with high-mounted seat belt.

IDEAL waist. Narrow and wide belted dresses and gowns without it! In any case, life matters such as the body remains in its natural place.

Neckline. As the position of the belt above or below the natural waist of the body can correct the loss that is reflected in too short or too long waist, hips stronger and weaker, so the neckline forms can correct many imperfections not only the upper part of the body but also the overall figures.

Neckline V-shape fits women short and thick neck, very round face and broad-shouldered women. Not too deep V-neck women strong suit chest as lush front of the body visually divided in half, and in this way it reduces. Also this low cut fit and women, especially fuller, because visually extend their figure. Such type of women fit all kinds of sport collar with sharp edges. Women do not fit very long neck, long face, long waist and women with narrow shoulders.

Square front neckline suits women with narrow shoulders, extremely thin waist, thin elongated face and decollete. Rounded, elongated neckline women fit round face and short neck.

Spherical wordy neckline women fit long face and long neck. Women of a long, thin neck fits best high fashion for neck compartment, steering wheel, and rise.

The curvature of the back can be corrected cape-coat, high collar which partially cover the shoulders, lean tailored clothing trapeze-line just below the shoulder begins to expand, pleated clothing line A trapeze-pleat which also starts very high. In any case in no way neck, and, back cleavage.

Strong chest not allow fitting clothing on your body, it will not flatten the breast volume. The effect is just the opposite. But, a few small creases will cover the line taut chest. Should avoid fatty, big scarves, big collars.

Long arms. We need a slightly shorter sleeves on blouses and coats. 

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