Monday, March 11, 2013

How to choose the color of your hair?

It is very important to choose a hair color that suits you best because you will instantly look better and richer and shinier hair. 

What hair colors look best on you?

It is very important to choose a hair color that suits you best because you will instantly look better and richer and shinier hair.

Sami can try different colors, but it would be best left in the hands of a professional hair stylist to hair beautifully nuanced.

According to stereotype blondes attributed youthful vitality. Brunette women experience as we can trust, redheads are the ones that always have to be the center of attention.

How you feel is the best color?

First Brunette - Anyone who wants to have brown hair advance to keep in mind that your hair would adjust color and complexion. If you are pale, with brown hair there you will look washed out and sickly.

Makeup: Most color well with brown hair and a shadow can not go wrong. However, if you want to leave a special impression they use brighter.

With blush do not overdo it. Wide dense brush, apply quite a bit of pink or brownish color.

When you decide on the lipstick a shade of red, and the intensity customize their own preferences.

Second Redheads - If you go to a business meeting or job interview tie hair into a ponytail to make you look more serious. Click for evening untamed curls and all will certainly turn to you.

Makeup: You should not use too much makeup, or combine colors. Use only black pen and brown shades.Avoid browning.

3rd Blonde - Blue-fit people with light eyes and pale skin. If you opt for the blue color, hair stylist you should see each other very often because it cracked and dried blue peaks reveal the "cheap" feel. Also, the color blue has a lot of shades and choose the one that suits you best. And in choosing shades listen to expert advice hairdressers.

Makeup: You can use shades of color. If you want to further accentuate the eyes or black ink pen to draw the edge of the eyelids. Blush to use as desired. Also, lipsticks, even though you will be better suited to lip gloss. The important thing to note is that make sure the contrast between the hair and eyebrows.

4th Black Girls - This color fits to people who have a dark complexion or their natural black color.

Makeup: Do not use dark shades because you look too closely. Combine rather cheerful colors or use a green with which you can not go wrong. Blush Apply only as needed and in small quantities with a broad brush. Brown could give you the best fit pink shades because they know a little unnatural act. You can use the lipsticks of all colors, but avoid those too noticeable. Opt for softer tones.

Want to know who you sound - ash or gold - would be a better wrap around your face blue and orange scarf.If you prefer blue, ashen dial tones, and if you find a better fit for the orange dial gold tones. 

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