Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to beat pimples?

Easier said than done, right? Overnight, this is clearly not possible because there are no magic wands or elixir that may help you to get rid of them in one day. What you can do is shorten their life span and, yes, to brighten them. If you provide them with all necessary care will disappear within a few days.
The main reason for the appearance of pimples are molecules in the sebaceous glands that every night sent a message to start the formation of sebum. Sebum is the way, that fat through the pores of hair follicles expire at the surface of the skin and plays an important role of protecting the skin from drying out and creating a hydro-lipid film.

In addition, the epidermis with lipids to strengthen skin structure, causing skin to become firmer and more elastic.
But when secretion becomes overactive, and it usually comes up because of hormonal changes during puberty, PMS or pregnancy, the pores begin to clog, grow and expand. The skin surface then became irregular and dirty appearance, and comes down to the individual localized inflammation. These processes result in pimples and grained leather that was with it, especially in the T-zone, yet bold and bright. And here we come to the nightmares of most women is almost as if the appearance of pimples, we can do nothing but wait to pass through.
However it is possible to shorten the waiting time and prevent the formation of pimples. So here are a few steps that will help you to do:
Mijenjanjajte regular pillowcase, pillow and sheets. In fact, his lean face every night on the pillow, and most bacteria is moved from the face to the pillow, and returns again to the face
Each night remove make-up and Wash your face
Use only mild facial cleansing products to get rid of excess sebum
Every now and make skin peel to remove dead cells
Do not touch face with his hands because they contain bacteria that are thus transferred to the face
Or accidentally istiskujte pimples and forget the toothpaste which they allegedly draining
Move the hair from the face, and if you want to keep your bangs, regular hygiene worry about hair and skin on the forehead
Eat healthy and drink vitamins because your skin is just a reflection of the overall health of your body.
If it is just a pimple appears, however, clean face, apply a face mask made with clay, and the remedy for pimples, apply only to the part where it is needed and it will be after a few days dry.

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