Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hairstyles and face shape

It is very important to choose the appropriate line styles. That helps you a hairdresser. When the hair is good hair cut, or if you have a suitable permanent waving, very easily, and when you have the opportunity to go the hairdresser, hairstyle to make yourself successful. 

When you select a line haircuts, we have to look at the factors that determine the choice, and they are:

First Shape of the face;

Second Type of hair;

3rd Rank and age.

Irregularities in the face and head, which more or less everyone has, can be selected to cover a good haircut.

It has an oval face with that type of person is very easy and simple to do hairstyle, whether the hair with long hair or short hair is a hairstyle. The only thing to watch out for in your ear shape and its size. If the ears are too visible, but not perfect, it is not cut too short. Also, if the head incorrectly, it is better to cover the strand. If a normal head, and it may be left free or only partially covered.

Round face of a person with a very round face (this is a person with strong cheekbones) would be wrong to leave that person at all discovered, it would be even more pointed oval faces. In such a case it is necessary to raise the hair on the scalp, let a few curls to fall gently on the forehead and cheeks, or comb the hair around the ear of the person ati. Back of the head is better is shorter haircut, because that neck look longer.

Oblong FACE Almost always it is the type of people who are quite high forehead, cheeks and chin elongated narrow, sometimes square. Should be avoided in the middle of the track, to reveal a flat forehead and longer hair. That this person got his balance, it is necessary to shorten the hair to the chin, wear fluffy twist hairstyle with a few points, cover a wide forehead frand. Also, the neck must be covered up to half in order to visualize avoid its length.

Heart-shaped face features the heart-shaped face and high forehead broad head at eye level, a small chin.To avoid the width of the upper face, the haircut should be slightly raised at the crown, much elongated, close fitting over the side, to reduce the width of the upper part of the face. You need to open the lower part of the face chin to come more to the fore.

MoM appropriate square face hairstyles for modern square face, polukratke, with flowing curls. For a square face, which often have strict lines, it is important that the hairstyle is soft, thus we avoid the width of the forehead, which was covered with more than frand┼żom parted on the side. With such a person should avoid hair in the middle.

Triangular face to correct a discrepancy between the strong chin and a narrow forehead which is the basic characteristic triangular face, the hair should be cut short or polukratko. The bottom line is that the line has body hair on the upper part of the face and head.

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