Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hair colouring

Tricks for quality hair dye

You have decided to change the color of your hair, but not sure how to do that, and not to disappoint the results. We bring you 10 tricks in order to find the perfect shade and make the entire treatment, and at the end it does not end in tears.

If you paint your hair, that's even more reason to worry about it

Natural Hair Hue: warmer or cooler shades of your natural hair color and skin is the one that will determine which shade of coloring suits. To this rasčivijate best to ask hairdressers. Good advice costs nothing.
Be realistic: The drastic change of hair color can not happen overnight. The greater the difference in relation to the natural color, the greater the chance that the result will be skinny. So do not try to change yourself for a hair more than three shades. After a few months you'll be able to get to those kind of colors you want.

Without cicijašenja: Buy several packs of paint than you need. For instance, the hair halfway down his back will take at least three packages. It is better to have a surplus, but half do not realize that paint enough.After all, all that remains, you have used on your next painting.

The formula before: Colour in the form of foam are convenient for women who have sensitive skin and those with thick or curly hair should use liquid or paint is a gel that can easily smear.

No splatter: Chlorine in the pool removes the surface layer of hair and allows the minerals in the water to penetrate and change hair color. Therefore, to avoid the same brcko at least two weeks before and after painting the whole length of the hair.

Do not look at the box: paint color is usually a shade or two darker than what you see on the box. So buy a lighter shade than desired. After all, the easier it will be too dim light shade, while the dark tend to improve.

Skip showering: Natural oils secreted by the skin irritation potential of chemicals prevent. That is one reason why dirty hair ideal for painting. The second is that it may be easier to share the highlights and color coating evenly.

Change Shampoo: Shampoos such as the one that cleans the excess oil or dandruff can discolor due to sulfates and heavy chemicals. Use shampoos for maintaining hair color.

Repair the damage: You can not avoid the damage if you dye your hair. Buy good packaging for damaged hair that should be used in each wash instead of conditioner. Once a week, put a mask of olive oil and honey: Mix the ingredients in the same amount, apply to the hair from the ends to the roots, cover with a plastic bag and a warm towel. After 30 minutes rinse well.

No exaggeration: Do not paint more often than once a month, or you will damage your hair so that it will only be cutting drug. 

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