Monday, March 11, 2013

Habits which spoil the beauty

Professional negligence resulting in poor short-makeup look, you can ensure the long-term 

In bed with the enemy. Every time you do not remove makeup before going to bed, think of the mess that you have to deal with if that is a habit. Not only will you neodstranjene makeup and impurities clog the pores but will cause the appearance of pimples and gray complexion. Allow the person to breathe and honestly rest during the night. In case of emergency, the bed hold wet wipes for fast 'purge'.

Abstinence from browning. If he did not so far been inclined, plug it into your make-up routine. You will quickly discover that it is a reliable ally of your complexion. Currently brings the color in his face and look alive. Nježnoružičaste flattering shades skinned, dark-red, olive-skinned and owners agree blush peach color.

Exaggerating the bronzer. You are mistaken if you generously spreading all over the face because that just create a 'shadow' which you can see to ten years. Bronzer is ideal for osjenčavanje strategic places which face returns 'heat'. Get a proper bronzer brush and gently move the nose, cheeks, cheekbones and chin edge.

Clumps on eyelashes. Opening the views only reason you applied mascara. When you overdo it with the amount of discharge or lumps (which are a sure sign that you need to replace it), counter-achieving and attract negative attention. Also, keep the occasion of 'install' partial and complete artificial lashes.

So far the site. For years, the makeup in the same way reluctant to change as public administration? It is time for a change, at least at the micro level. To begin with, in your make-up routine insert lipstick. Each season to experiment with new colors it-if not roses, then blinds, paint ... 

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