Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cosmetics that you do not need

Save money and get rid of the purchase of those products that you really do not need 

With television and magazines bombard us constantly cosmetic products that promise to tighten wrinkles, smoother skin, shinier and healthier ... Such products often have a "miracle" ingredient that should help you get spectacular results. But is this really so? With so many beauty products on the market can indeed sometimes be difficult to differentiate our products that are actually needed by those who only have a very good marketing campaign behind them. That will only mean financial burden, and from them you will not get anywhere near what you paid for? Save money and get similar results by eliminating those products that you really do not need. There are many, here are some of the most common ... 


Although we are used to the old formula of "cleansing, toner, moisturizer," the truth is that most people can skip this section relating to the tonic. Most dermatologists agree that the tonic is not really necessary because it is mainly used for removing trace means of downloading makeup and other impurities and to absorb the active ingredients of other products. But today for removing make-up with such a formula is a tonic that is unnecessary, especially for those with normal to sensitive skin. On the other hand, can be very useful tonic for all those who have extremely oily skin and in need of narrowing the pores. 

Different moisturizers for different parts of the body 

The cosmetics industry is well ispromovirala us the idea that different parts of the body should be treated differently for the best results. As a result, various creams for the face and neck cream for the eye area, decolletage cream, hand cream, foot cream, cream for the rest of the body ... However, if you think about it, the skin is not all that different at all these body parts. 

The cream that you use for the face can be just as effective for neck and chest, hands and even the eye area.If you do not have negative effects, such as irritation of the eyes, or you are fired from your usual moisturizer does not have much reason to switch to a separate product for the eye area. If you often have swollen or fine lines - your usual anti-wrinkle cream will act on those fine lines around the eyes. Especially good are the creams with Vitamin K, Retinol and Vitamin C. 

Face masks 

While purchasing face masks provide a pleasant feeling of relaxation and a nice smell, the truth is that there is very little evidence that they have a long term beneficial effect. So if you really like how the skin looks and how you feel after this treatment, it is best to save money and create your own natural homemade mask with ingredients you can find in your kitchen. 

Products for "repair" damaged hair 

As much as we'd like to undo the damage that you inflict yourself on the various interventions hair (ironing, regular drying, curling ...) The truth is that not the most expensive product is not able to do it. No matter what a hair care product claims he can "fix" damaged and cracked tops, possibly to cover up the damage, and it's not a long-term solution. The only way to get rid of cracked tops that are cut, and then caring for hair moisturizing conditioner or mask, and as far as possible avoid the "thermal procedures." 

Products against wrinkles and cellulite 

While it is possible that some products to prevent and reduce fine lines, in the case of deeper wrinkles and the visible that is not possible, and the only way to get rid of plastic surgery. It is the same product against cellulite. Although you will need to do that procedures - massage creams and wrapping a certain part of the body work, the effect is short-lived, and only short-term covert cellulite. A healthy way of life that is based on proper diet and regular exercise is the only way to get rid of cellulite completely (and sometimes due to genetic structure even that is not possible, which is why some women simply have to accept coexistence with him). 

Protection from the sun by a factor of more than 30 

When you use an SPF 15 about 95 percent of UVA / UVB rays are blocked, which is pretty good, and with SPF 30 protected are very close to 100 percent. Why then SPF 31-100? World-renowned dermatologist Dr.. Harold Lancer says: "It is like the speedometer where it is written that your car can reach 220 km / h., In fact you'll never be able to go that fast, well, at least not without having to pick up a speeding ticket. Thus, in Basically, protective factors above 30 bit superfluous. 

Body Scrub 

Skin flaking and of itself, but sometimes it's really good to encourage renewal and blood circulation by removing the surface layer. Only it does not have to be with the purchase of the product. Instead of buying a bottle that is possible with the help of brushes, shower, rough sponges or coarse wet cloth. A peel can easily do themselves. Mix a little olive or coconut oil with coarse sea salt and brown sugar and there peel. 

Shaving Foam 

Another thing that you should not. Not really. Yes, it's nice to have something between your legs and razor blades, to ensure a close shave and the lowest possible discomfort, but there are so many other things you can use, and which do not contain harsh chemicals and sulphates that create foam. Serve your normal gel or oil to shower, or if you wash your hair conditioner, so I left a surplus on their hands - move it on the surface you want to shave. 

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