Saturday, March 30, 2013

Consistent makeup in the hot sun

Good work, make-up resistance has to do with proper application, while the smaller part of the quality of makeup 

During the summer months, when we feel that we will simply melt because of the heat, for us women is not an easy task maintaining makeup - all day. Unless you have a professional make-up artists make-up you use (and you probably do not have it), it will hardly be able to maintain a fresh appearance longer than a few hours. Of course, it is always a handful of women who do it without any special effort, but most of us have the very best.

The key to the maintenance of long-term makeup has partly to do with the quality of makeup you use, no good deed stability makeup has to do with the right way from the beginning, and prepare the skin for makeup application.

You may have already heard of some advice, but ask you to hold them or just shook his hand and still do - on your own. You might be just a small change in your daily routine will be enough to see the obvious difference.

Prepare your skin

It is important to apply makeup to clean skin. Must be freshly washed with pure water and that it does not have the dead skin cells. Wash your face with warm (not hot) water will help to remove grease and dirt that has accumulated on the surface of the skin, which can later facilitate downloading makeup. If you use certain products for further cleansing, and they shall be designed for your skin type, or that you do not over-dry the skin and not fat. What every dermatologist will recommend a face wash only just warm water and wipe clean with a soft towel. In addition to preparations for downloading makeup, your skin cleaners should not be anything.

Skin hydration

After you've washed, the face, apply a moisturizer that will not only give your skin the necessary moisture, elasticity and suppleness than that will help you apply makeup. You have to experience your face like a cloth for painting. If it is smooth, you are better of color.

For permanent makeup, get a high-quality powder foundation, which will help you to find foundation that will later be applied for longer periods, and the effect is better. Powder foundation should be applied after moisturizer is absorbed and before foundation.

Choose the right surface

Look for quality powder that has a formula for long life, be it liquid or powder. For the summer, due to the heat, it would be ideal if you choose foundation that no oil or base cream toned. But if you have oily skin for the summer months we recommend only applying mineral loose powder and / or bronzer, and any errors corrected with correction fluid in the exact shade of your skin.

Loose powder will curb excessive glow of your skin, and your skin will look natural and fresh. If you turn over time to fix any flaws you can do it in just a few strokes of the brush powder.

Layers blinds

By applying several layers of makeup and eye shadow to achieve the desired durability you. At the upper and lower eyelids, apply concealer or eyeshadow base, which will prevent downloading or snowball fight eye shadow.

After you apply a surface, apply a thin layer of eye shadow and carefully spread it out and engage with eye shadow brush. If you apply eyeliner after applying the foundation, you create a line, then put the hood back and repeat the line. Finally, apply two coats of mascara.

Prolonged lipstick

Want to make your lipstick and lip gloss last longer and you just do not slip from your lips? One of the simplest solutions is applying lip liner, of course, colored roses and glowing. Ensure that the lips, before applying a pen, not dry, chapped and be hydrated. Before applying the lip pencil can Apply a light coat of lip balm. Besides giving you lip pencil durability roses, lips will be better defined and will look fuller and more challenging.

Pigmented makeup

Pigmenirana stronger shades of blush and have a much longer persistence after application, but it is less pigmented. Nowadays, you can buy a beautiful prigmetiranu makeup of many manufacturers. This is a make-up that contains concentrated amounts of pigment, and depending on the color can be used as an eyeshadow and a blush. Unfortunately, there is still a few women deciding to purchase the make-up because it is more expensive, but we believe that you will get over the higher price, you will find this kind of make-up last longer, not only on the face, but also quantitatively.

Final Touch

After you have finished applying makeup, "fix it" with a clear pressed powder. Apply it with a large brush for makeup, especially the areas where your skin is oily. He will pick up the excess oil and prevent makeup to melt with you.

Wipes for oily skin

If you have a problem with the skin becoming oily or are you perhaps just certain areas prone to greasing, get a tissue to remove the fat from the skin above. These are tissues that are designed to absorb the excess fat from the skin during the day. All you have to do is press a tissue (not delete) the oily areas and wait a few seconds to absorb excess oil. In this way, your makeup will remain intact, and your face will not have oily sheen. 

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