Monday, March 11, 2013

Colouring hair at home

Do you think that it is impossible to paint beautiful hair at home? You are wrong

From all sides of the story as the crisis in our country has not yet reached its peak. If you are pressed for money, and if you think it would be better to spend money on more important, living things, then you are definitely beauty treatments in the background, and one of them surely and hair coloring. Bob can be very difficult alone, but painting is another matter.

Today's purchase hair dyes are much more efficient and easier to use. The last formula is easier to apply, takes less time and with less powerful chemicals that damage the hair, with the new conditioners that come with them can restore the cuticle (the outer part of the sheath of hair) after staining.

To be a decent hair dye with you, we are open and relatively cheap paint, and confirmed by a Zagreb hairdresser who wanted to remain anonymous. She shared with us a few tips that will help you to be better and easier to paint at home.

Tip no. 1:
Do not ignore the warning to try that you are allergic to the color. Better to be safe than sorry. To try a color you do not have a complete mix color (the hair you always have to apply fresh paint mixed up).Simply apply a little on your finger and the color developer and a little rub, and apply to the part of the body where the paint will not see. After half an hour, then wash. Wait 24 hours to see if there are any reactions. If you react to the color, it does not mean that you will never be able to dye your hair. Now in the market there are 100% natural, bio-dyes based on plant extracts, without ammonia and without hydrogen peroxide, where the possibility of an allergic reaction reduced considerably, but it is still a test.

Tip no. 2:
When choosing the color of the hair coloring at home you should never go more than two shades lighter or darker than your current color, according to our informants, and warns that the biggest disappointment in the departures lounge in consequence of the correction of these errors.

Tip no. 3:
Semi-permanent hair color is a great option for people who are unsure whether they want to really completely change your hair color. But with this kind of paint you can not be afraid of the lighter, you can just refresh natural hair color, a little darker paint or partially gray hairs (that are not so noticeable). Such color lasts up to 20 washes and will softly fade as you shampoo.

Tip no. 4:
If you are never afraid of the hair at home, it is important to practice. How? Put your gloves, grab a brush and comb to paint, so try conditioner after shampooing apply to the entire hair brush and comb, as you did with the color. Some do once the report, and some several times - but the exercise makes perfect (and so thoroughly dyed hair and less soiled bathrooms).

Tip no. 5:
Speaking of dirt, there's nothing worse than being in the unišitite staining your clothes and leave stains everywhere. So always bojajte in the bathroom, put on old clothes and a towel to protect. Ensure that the wipes will enable you to erase stains.

Tip no. 6:
Hair dye can tingle and itch when applied to the scalp very clean. That's why you always apply to unwashed hair. Do not worry - the color is strong enough to pass through the hair products - mousse and easy (if you use them).

Tip no. 7:
The face and neck, along the hairline, the ears and apply a thick moisturizer (Nivea blue is great for this).This will create a barrier so you do not have spots after staining. However, make sure that the cream does not spread on the hair roots, because there will then receive a color. But if you still occasionally stain of color, try one of the following: for removing makeup, lemon juice or ash from a cigarette.

Tip no. 8:
Paint thick and / or long hair can be time-consuming and laborious, but do not be frustrated and skip the occasional clump. Rather like the hair into four or five sections, to make it easy and simple painted the.Separate each unit separately gripper dryer, and then one by one ofarbajte.

Tip no. 9:
Purchasing colors are great and just to refresh the roots. So you need not fear the whole hair, but every four weeks or more depending on how fast your hair grows, the color, apply only to the section that you have grown.

Tip no. 10:
Stick to the directions on the box. If the color says that you must first apply to the hair roots, and only after that the rest of the hair (the tops), then do it, and do not hold the color too - that is if you immediately start to fear the hair from root to tip, the tips should help you be up to 2 shades darker because porous hair ends of the hair roots better and "receive" color. It's the same color if you hold on long hair.

Tip no. 11:
If you drop the color too dark, head to the kitchen. Dishwashing detergent is powerful enough to remove at least some of these colors. Wash your hair with it two or three times to soften the color (and make sure the detergent does not enter you in the eye). Also avoid repaint in a home to improve their own thing - the color to another color will not remove the dark color, so I would rather try to solve the problem by washing or going to the hairdresser.

Tip no. 12:
Plastic brush for hair coloring and plastic or ceramic bowls will help you with the most accurate color application. Even if the color that you purchased in a handy bottle with an applicator, I always prefer to opt for a brush.

Tip no. 13:
As for the locks, our speaker in this case is still recommended to leave the hairdresser because "the birth of clumps of hair all over, like yourself doing face lift. It is simply impossible to do well. " But if you want, make them only the "top" of the hair.

If you decide for themselves whom to fear slučajema hair at home among others need to know how to remove stains and colors that sometimes remain on the skin.

The fact that many women simply can not do without coloring, but precisely because they know that the best is sometimes possible to paint stains remain on the skin. A soap and water are often not the appropriate solution for their removal. However, as always, and in all there are certain methods by which it is possible to prevent and treat 'side-effects' coloring.

First, try a piece of cloth tied around her head in a way to cover your ears to the forehead before coloring.When you do this, apply a body lotion on the edges of the touch on the hair and skin. That will reduce the retention and leave stains.
If color is not very strong, warm water and detergent should remove stains.
Baby oil is a great tool for removing ink stains. Apply a little oil on the stain and let stand one-night snake oil. The next day, just rinse them.
Toothpaste can also help. Apply a small amount on the stain and rub gently. Toothpastes are typically slightly abrasive and will remove the color without irritation even on sensitive skin.
Nail polish remover for removing stains from hair dyes should be used with caution. Apply a small amount of regular remover or cotton wool pads from there to the small areas of the skin and preferably as far away from the eyes. Cotton swab to rub the stain, but do not do it too harsh and too long.
The combination of 'soda' and washing dishes can be a good solution. Mix equal parts of baking and washing dishes, and you'll get brilliant color of stain remover.
Try with ordinary hand cream.
If you just go, go to a drugstore or a beauty salon and ask a professional stain remover. 

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