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Bright lipsticks

With red lipstick, you will look like a real diva, and you will radiate from the sensuality and beauty 

Bright red, orange, and pink lipsticks are back in fashion and hit the spring-summer season. Bright colors are not exactly new course that has emerged this spring, but they were even more fashion dictators ispromovirali, a leading cosmetic companies have missed the opportunity to launch their new-old paint back to the store shelves.

The fact is that there is nothing new in a bright red, bright orange and bright pink rose, the only thing that's new to wear again. It is very important that you know how to handle the aforementioned colors because your lips will be due to the colors in the foreground. In fact, your whole appearance will be in the spotlight, and because we believe you want to look as much as possible.

For a while it seemed that, in fashion and make-up, all colors disappear. The economic crisis has ironically coincided with a choice of colors, which were only here and there, among the present moderate shades of white, black, gray and color. Straight lines and forms occupied the foreground, while the other colors in the background. As far as makeup, eyes were further highlighted with dashed lines the eyelids and "smoky" look, but the presence of color is minimal.

A little more than a year of vibrant colors started to come back into fashion, and made-up red lips can be seen everywhere. Strong, intense, vivid and bright colors again became the biggest hit. Now they are all in full color returned to the scene and can be mixed and combined in all possible ways. Today you can see the different shades and colors that surpass even the color red, the colors like orange, fuchsia, brown and eaten, and more popular than ever, all shades of beige.

But best of all is that they are afraid of experiencing different now, and have become an integral part of fashion, but its more sophisticated cousin of style. Intrusive, more vibrant colors are a complete failure, but a way that highlights the unique beauty of women and building an attractive and unique personal style.The idea exactly the right color for the dress, hair or lipstick no longer holds water. Color is now something that pertains to the entire personality, a woman who each day rediscovers herself through color, the color of the clothes, hair color, cosmetics and lipstick.

Combining the colors also came back into fashion. They returned contrasts, playful, unexpected, creative combinations that are fun, and against all the rules. Women enjoy myself again. Vibrant colors are no longer reserved exclusively for an elegant evening clothes, but they can be worn during the day, combined with everyday clothing.

What color is concerned, everything is permitted. There is only one rule: Rediscover yourself!

Choose a color

What you must not forget that not every red just red. There are countless possible color variants. Red can wear a shade of orange, pink or blue. Also, not true red lipstick all women equally. If you have fair skin, you should choose a red with orange tones.

Women with darker complexions can choose the right color red, while those who have the best fit with olive red lipstick with blue or brown tones. Wearing red roses will surely give a specific message and distinguished themselves in a particular way.

Red lipstick is still a classic that every woman should try at least once in their lifetime. Red lips are very attractive and sexy, but again on the other side of chic and classic for any woman. With red lipstick, you will look like a real diva, and you will radiate from the sensuality and beauty.

How to apply bright red, orange and pink lipstick?

Avoid applying these colors, if your lips are chapped or flaking however, because applying lipstick on dry lips and uncultivated, can be a recipe for disaster. Not only does it not look appealing, but even worse - it will look unattractive. Therefore, before applying the roses, it is important to create a light peeling lips, and making sure that they have enough internal moisture.

Makeup experts also recommend that before applying the roses, the lips Apply powder as the substrate.This will allow you to be more lasting lipstick, no streaks or uneven parts.

Other makeup

This is perhaps the most important thing as far as the total impression when you apply bright lipstick. The lipstick is so glaring to be expressive in your face, if you apply a lot of makeup on her eyes and cheeks, there is a possibility that you will look like a clown. So bright lipstick = little makeup. To maintain a natural, yet challenging look, apply a light and bright eyeshadow and mascara for volume, without pen or shower for your eyes. Blush is a discrete and minimal. Or, apply a shower or just eyeliner and mascara for eyelashes extension, without shades. Blush, too, so be discreet.

Always beautiful lips

Pink, orange, and especially red lipsticks have one major drawback. In fact, tend to smear or melt through the corners. To prevent this, get a lip liner in the same color, not darker. In addition, fringed lip pencil will look just perfect. Also, you can apply concealer around the lips to help lipstick stay in place.

Of course if you want your lipstick stay on your lips for a long time, you have two options, use the permanent lipstick or lip protection that allows transparent persistence roses. Finally, make sure that the beautiful bright shades of lipstick does not end up on your teeth. After applying lipstick do not forget to delete the inner edge of the lips with a tissue, so it would not be passed on to the teeth. Of course, for safety's sake, the diameter of your smile in the mirror before leaving the house.

Very rich colors

L'Oreal's Color Riche lipstick is, as its name suggests, a rich variety of ingredients and beautiful pigments, lipstick that gives every complexion clean and it highlights how no other lipstick can not. There are two types of colors in the new collection Color Riche: Intense and Nude. Intense colors are bold and elegant, and each woman's face and successfully transform the most ordinary everyday situations. Nude colors and textures create a series of classes that emphasize great and provide extra shine to naked lips gently just hide. Color Riche has a texture balm for lip care. It is enriched with antioxidants, vitamin E and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and preserves the natural beauty of your lips. With up to 50% active ingredients, Color Riche lip protects and revitalizes the day and helps them to self-renewal and restructuring. Color Riche lips provides a unique form of care that emphasizes and further accentuates their natural appearance.Nine out of ten women said that their lips nourished, protected and restored after only two weeks of use.100% of the women said they felt immediately as Color Riche infinitely delicate and creamy. 

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