Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beauty tips

Do you have a problem with a few extra pounds? No big deal! Of course we recommend a balanced diet and sports, but here are a couple of fashion tips on how to look good in your own skin. 

Wear clothes in your size 
Wrong choice of clothing will only make things worse. Wear clothes for your number, whatever it is.Smaller clothes will only emphasize the excess. 

Hide flaws 
Choose clothing that will successfully hide your tummy. Instead of narrow and short items, select a more relaxed koĆĄuljuce. Do not overdo it with the width does not look like a singer Luis. 

Take the track 
Stripes emphasize curves, even though they supposedly provide vertical slenderness effect. 

High heels 
Yes, we know that they are not comfortable, but it will elongate your figure. 

Good underwear 
Tange will not help you look better. Choose clothes that keeps things in place. 

Highlight all nice 
Point out the parts of your body that you are attractive, face, hands, or perhaps a long neck. 

Wear black 
Black clothing makes any slimmer, so use it often. Of course, white and pink are not good ideas. 

Highlight strengths, hide flaws 

Most ladies have a "problem" wide hips, large buttocks, small breasts ... Stylists suggest that you dress according to your holdings 

No matter how you're built, it is important to choose clothing that highlights your strengths and camouflages flaws. Most ladies have a "problem" wide hips, large buttocks, small breasts ... Stylists suggest that you dress according to your holdings. 


Big breasts - if you do not want to come to the fore select shirts and sweaters with V-neck and avoid clothing that is too tight and cover cleavage and neck. 

Small breasts - forget the great cleavage that emphasizes your shortcomings, models wearing close, but not too tight especially if you are thin. 


Wide hips - you best fit trousers with drop waist, because visually reduce buttocks. 

Narrow hips - tight cigarette pants that go with the legs completely emphasize your femininity and the thighs. 


Overweight women - experts recommend straight-cut skirt. 

Skinny ladies - wear skirts that are slightly narrowing in the knee, so that they emphasize the hips. 

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