Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beauty tips

Answers for every woman

How can I increase my visual eye and without the "tone" of makeup?

Draw the internal niju white eye pencil, says a famous makeup artist Polly Ozmond. Then, along the outer edge of the thin black line of pull, so finiĆĄirajte with three coats of black mascara.

Can I reduce the size of pores on the face?

No, but some products can make you look smaller. Get a gel or cream that tightens pores and apply it on your face after a thorough cleaning peeling.

It seems to me lately terrible falling hair. When this phenomenon becomes really alarming?

Daily average woman loses 40 to 100 hairs. However, if you feel that exceed this number, contact your doctor - there might be a genetic hair loss.

Rough skin in my boyfriend makes my face look red after kissing. Pomagajte!

Get him to use a daily moisturizer to soften the skin. Look for ones that contain jojoba oil, cocoa butter ...However, if you suffer from "kremofobije" take matters into their own hands: after kissing and cuddling with him on the cover with the face cream anti-redness.

Why do I have hair on your nipples and is OK to dig?

There is no room for panic! From the data, 30 percent of women have hair on your nipples. It might tear, but do so after showering. Hot water opens the pores, and this will allow you to remove hair faster and less painful. The only advantage: the hairs grow much more slowly than in other parts of the body.

How long will see the effects of using anti-pimple products?

About 30 days ago. Your skin will not look better in the first two weeks because of acne, but there should be time to cleanse. After that, you will start to notice the gradual progress of a small excretion of fat, and fewer blackheads. 

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