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Beauty tips

Always the same story: get ready to go out, and suddenly appeared in the middle of the nose pimple or you flattened hair. That's no problem! With our tips you will turn in a moment to shine. 

Irritated skin 1
The skin tensing up, suddenly turns red and becomes rough? The sooner you remove what he said were the irritating, and the best will do gentle milk cleanser. After that moisturise the skin pH neutral cream. It soothes the skin and increases its natural defense forces.

2 pimples never end
Despite the daily cleansing, pore nose regularly accumulate grease and dirt that clog them and create blackheads. As an ambulance against blackheads serve you patches that bind impurities from pimples and pulling out.

3 tired face
If your face looks dry and haggard, close your eyes briefly and sprinkle it with thermal water. And when you get home, boil half a liter of chamomile tea, let it cool for half and soak it in a towel, which then cover the face for about ten minutes. The facial skin will very quickly recover after that.

4 Help, herpes!
Herpes always occur at the worst times, mostly because of stress or when the body is fighting a fever. As soon as you start to feel that herpes outbreaks, apply a cream containing acyclovir, and if you're late, you will easily dry out the toothpaste.

5 swollen eyes
You woke up so bloated that you can not look in the mirror? Remove from the refrigerator two spoons that have been fanned ten minutes. Cover their eyes for a few minutes and the swelling will go away. It can help you with your fingers and gently massage the eyelid area, between the eyebrows and eyeballs.

6 Too much body hair pońćupanih
If it is in a place where they once were in the eyebrow hairs too visible holes left by careless plucking, eyebrow pencil only prebojite soft black or brown.

7 Eye Fatigue
Your eyes will soon look fresher if only briefly cover the two slices of fresh cucumber. Will have the same effect and cream with cucumber extract that gently pat around the eye.

8 Chapped lips
The skin is much thinner lips than the skin on other parts of the body. Namaz whether oral honey, now you give them the right care, it is important to continue to nurture and Masetto. Use a lip balm with natural calendula extract, which is known for its healing effect on the skin.

9 The shadows under the eyes
To cover dark circles around the eyes is best taken as a first aid concealer. Choose a color slightly lighter than your natural skin tones, apply it to the skin and gently pat dry.

10 expressionless glance
Your eyes are lifeless and do not shine? Reach for mascara! Now you will look and fresh and awake. If you are blonde eyelashes brown paint, and if you have dark hair, take a shower black.

11 Smudged Mascara
Dark spots and black eye mascara crumbs really does look nice. Dried traces can easily be cleaned with a brush, and brush with the remaining stain and lip balm face wipe a paper towel. Then again napudrajte face.

12 overstressed eyebrows
Eyebrows after coloring hair look too dark and too thick, you can alleviate a cotton bud and a means for removing make-up, rub firmly to the eyebrows. You'll be surprised effect.

Pallor 13 persons
Nice, soft bronze tan fastest way to achieve self-tan, the other possibility is that the day cream thick brush applying powder paint country.

14 luminous lipstick
Cheeks are flushed with lipstick, but now you seem to be illustrious. This problem will simply get rid of the layer by applying translucent powder compact, which will significantly reduce shine.

15 Bore anger at the helm
A little gymnastics should help. Place the palms on the forehead so that the lower part of the palm close to your eyebrows. Lift the skin up so tightly and hold for a while. Then look at the floor and at the same time lift the head in the opposite direction to that of pressure that you feel. Relax your face after each exercise to eyebrows several times quickly pick up and relax.

16 eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid
Hood in particular often accumulates in the crease of the eye of people in the crease strongly emphasized.Accumulation of shades in the crease this can be avoided by pre-oiling eyelids base and powder.

17 Great facial skin
Unfortunate T-zone throughout the day often becomes apparent. Do not worry, I'd rather get a matting pads for the face and gently tapping them to move across the face. Fat will disappear in no time.

18 Fatigue
Acupressure fingers can be very useful when you are tense and tired. Rub your hands with a little cream and rhythmic massage triangle between the ring finger and thumb. Please take a few minutes for this massage.With the move to a fresh air and take a few deep breaths and exhale.

19 Poor sleep
To ensure you a peaceful and refreshing night naposredno before going to bed, make a list of all the tasks and responsibilities that await you the next day. Before bedtime, ventilate the room well, and the temperature should not be higher than 18 degrees. Good Dim the room where you sleep, because it is brighter room where you sleep, you'll have a lighter sleep.

20 Bad Mood
Smile for themselves with the first look in the mirror and occasionally can wear colorful clothes. Red creates a sense of power, turn yellow mood. On the way to work listen to music for good mood and on your desk place a vase of spring flowers.

21 Constant Stress
I work colleagues and family and household responsibilities, but you can climb on top of her head requirements? Take a break, sit down with an open window or in the open, and mouth closed and breathe deeply controlled air. Exhale slowly release the audio through the slightly open mouth.

22 Pale skin
You are about to spend the first week on the air after the winter, but your skin is white as milk? Because you do not want to look sick, apply a self-tan. New products in the form of a spray tan to allow every part of your body.

23 Brittle nails
If you have brittle nails, stop for a while to finish. The ingredients of nail polish extract fat from the nails and make them brittle. I prefer them a few days to cuddle with oil, and even better if they can afford a paraffin bath.

24 Broken arm
Hands need special care, because, just like the face, constantly exposed to the light and all the environmental influences, and wash them more frequently. Washing hands lose a lot of moisture and lipids that give them smoothness and elasticity. Therefore, they need every day several times, spray hand cream that triggers the regeneration of a natural barrier and into the deeper layers of the skin. Once a week, make a night wrap.

25 Struggling to cleavage
And you have them, and they appear every time you sleep on your side. How to get rid of them? Cleavage morning immediately sprinkle with cold water, cover with a damp skin firming cream, allow the cream to absorb and spread the remains of the palms by cleavage moves upward. 26 Swollen legs If you spend all day standing, you have to pay more attention to their feet. In the morning and before going to bed so be spread legs vein gel and do not forget, whenever you sit down, put your feet in an elevated position.

27 Late awakening
If you woke up late, does not suddenly jump out of bed. First, stretch, open the window and take a deep breath fresh air. Screw a pleasant music because all this will stimulate blood flow and quickly lead to a state of wakefulness with pleasure. A brief shower alternating hot and cold water shower gel mixed with milk skin will save you time.

28 Painful Feet
If you've spent all night in shoes with high heels, it is clear that you have bad feet. When you get home, the izujte, wash your feet with warm water and ask someone from the household to firm touch massage your feet. You will recover in about ten minutes, and then rub in more cream.

29 The rush of sweat
Often you, all of a sudden, it starts pouring sweat? If the disorder is not a hormone, it might be an excessive amount of coffee that keeps the body in increased secretion of sweat. First aid lightly rinse the underarms and refresh again deodorant or scented disposable wipes.

30 Morning Hangover
If your night was too short, skip the usual breakfast and start the recovery a great cup of lukewarm tea from fennel sip it in small sips. It has been proved, namely, fennel, in addition to reducing spasms, causing a feeling of happiness. In addition to tea and drink a cup of molten magnesium and vitamin C to the better shape your day.

31 flattened hairstyles
Urgently need a haircut, but do not have time to go to the hairdresser? Condition your hair with a little foam to increase the volume, screw on the medium size curlers or dry hair and using a round brush. The hair will soon look lavish.

32 green glow colors
Green shade that may appear on bojanoj blue hair shampoos can be mitigated for colored hair or hair repeatedly to wash dandruff shampoo or deep cleaning. Then make a hair mask that you hold at least a half-hour clock. All these procedures will extract pigments from greenish hair.

33 Cracked peaks
Cracked tops hair cut is best, but if you need urgent solution, apply the product to the tops of the silicone oil which nourishes and restores hair tops shine.

34 Loose Hair
Heating really dries out your hair, and in contact with woolen garments she additionally elektrizira and flying in all directions. This can be prevented by a little wet rub creams and use wooden combs.

35 Dull Hair
After washing your hair first, rinse apple cider vinegar and mineral water. Over styling always pull the brush head to the tips of the hairs so caring because their surface layer. At the end of the hair spray on.

36 Greasy hair
Some highlights are already fat and do not have time to wash your hair? Apply a spray dry wash the hair, gently massage into hair and remove the brush. Another possibility is that your hair brushed by tilting your head down, and sprayed with a light on top natapirate.

Just grow up to 37
The correct styling it can easily camouflage. If you have short hair, gel or wax, lift the toes up. Convenient solution is to divide your hair in a zig-zag pattern. Another solution is to make the thin strands of hair and wrap it around your finger, bottom spray paint and arrange alternately left and right of the parting.

38 Exhaustion
Why not the imagination to travel to a remote part of the world? Ventilate the room, light a stick of incense, dim the lights, lie back and booking will save the Moroccan markets, palaces, relaxing massages and steam baths. About ten minutes fantasies will return energy to continue on.

39 Not in the form of
Between the mighty daily operations insert occasional physical activity. For instance, while on the phone, stretch sheets, or while waiting in line at the bank, tighten and relax the muscles of buttocks. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, and while working at the computer, periodically tense your abdominal muscles.

40 total collapse
The most effective tool for a quick recovery is firmly rub all the fingers. Take some hand creams and index finger and middle finger of one hand promasirajte each finger hearsay. Each finger massage from the top of your palm until it warms up and becomes a well-vascularized. You will see, restores energy. 

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