Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beautiful look

Are among those people who still take off weight accumulated during the holidays? Certainly be interested in a good haircut and proper makeup can hide what you are "fat" in the face. 

When you try tricks that you recommend, you might even forget about the diet. 

Good and bad bangs 
There are good and bad bangs. Bad bangs can be the ones that are thick and straight cut because they do not flatter slender face. Select a less frequent and longer bangs that can be worn combed to the side or with parted in the middle, so that frame the face and highlight cheekbones. 

Neutral shades of blush 
Maybe it's trendy, but forget the pink blush on the cheeks, cheekbones - you will look like a healthy, well-nourished shepherdess. For you it is better trend of darker shades of powder or blush and hajlajtera to create the impression pronounced cheekbones. Be careful with the fabric hajlajtera - reflects more light, the face will look bigger! 

Add an inch 
But at the height! Lightly natapirano threads can make you high, and the only thing you have to be careful not to end up as Marge Simpson. 

Straighten your hair 
Some messy curl can look good, but if all the hair is concentrated around the face, it will expand it visually. Flat, a little hair is affixed may be happier solution, especially if you are not entirely sure, but you have stepped hairstyle. 

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