Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beautiful in the sun

Chlorine is dangerous for your tan - can fade to a dark color that are so hard to come. With our tips you can avoid unpleasant surprises and quiet, enjoying the pool.

After a swim in the pool to take a shower immediately to the skin washed with chlorine

One of the best ways to survive a hot summer day in the city is the pool. Few will turn black, to stretch, relax and spend a few happy hours in the company of friends. Fresh air, sunshine and swimming will help your health, form and beauty. Here are tips to help you enjoy a peaceful surrender, protected from the harmful effects of the sun and chlorine.

Cap or mask
Hair will do nothing all day swimming in the pool because the sun dries out and destroys the pigment - dyed hair is the most vulnerable. In addition, the chlorine in the water pools necessary for disinfection and protection from skin diseases and fungal dermatitis, hair structure destroys depth. If you do not like to wear a bathing cap, apply it to your hair before entering the pool oil protection that blocks harmful effects of sun and chlorine. You can put a protective mask that is applied after bathing to damp hair.

Fading due to chlorine
Chlorine not only at the already dry hair and skin. Because at the end of the day on the entire body, apply moisturizing body milk. Maybe you did not know, but chlorine is dangerous for your tan because it can fade to a dark color that you came so hard. The only remedy is that after every swim in the pool now hurry up and take a shower during the day to use waterproof sun preparations.

Wake melanin
If your going to the pool first serious sun this summer, do not expect too much. The skin under the action of UV rays produce melanin responsible for the darkening, but only from 48 to 72 hours after the first exposure to the sun. To not burnt, apply a sunscreen with a sun protection factor suitable. After sun body milk spread with aloe extract, which will eventually calm down redness. Remember that solarium and self-tanning creams are not sufficient preparation for going into the sun. 

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