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Beautiful facial skin

Proper skin care 
The primary task is to protect the skin the entire body, especially the deeper tissues assigned various negative environmental impacts. However, in order to properly nourish skin type?

In the skin there are different sensory organs that energy changes in the surroundings turn signals (eg temperature changes) that stimulate the skin and the whole body in proper functional and morphological changes. If he violated any of the following positions, damaged skin, and entire body. Skin is, therefore, necessary to properly nurture. Home care is important, but even more important is his expertise in beauty salons exclusively tailored to your skin type.

Treatments oily skin
Oily skin secretes sebum increased because the increased channel openings of the sebaceous glands. Pores are also enlarged, which gives the skin an orange peel. Such skin is rough, dirty and prone to infection.Often it disturbed pH values, and it's also atonična (limp). Because of the thickened stratum corneum, there is no nice color.

However, the advantage of oily skin is that the slower old, ie. It is slower to create folds and wrinkles. From all this we can conclude that oily skin requires a lot of care, which is solely hygienic character.

Professional, cosmetic treatment to normalize the function of excretion. As this function automatically, ie.The more degreases skin, the fat is excreted more, it leads to a distortion of the pH value of the skin, which results in susceptibility to infections, and skin sensitivity. Otherwise, oily skin tends to normalize after 20-25. years.

Treatments combination skin
Mixed is the most common type of skin. Marked as a type of skin that is oily in the central parts of the face and body, then the nose and chin. The boundaries of this area are the vertical lines that go through the pupil. Otherwise, for all types of skin in these areas are more densely distributed sebaceous glands. Other parts of the face are normal or dry promašćeni.

Cosmetic treatment is directed at normalizing this skin. The central part is slightly degreased, clean and tighten pores, while other parts enriched with fat, moisture and stimulate an increase in their biological functions.

After 3 to 4 professional treatment can be expected to normalize the skin. However, a balance can be achieved again distort if the skin is not nurtured professionally and regularly.

Dry Skin Treatments
Dry skin is characterized by decreased secretion of sebum (skin fat). Its surface layer is thin and fragile, and in places crease. Very breaks and wrinkles, reduced its softness and elasticity. Due to the relatively fat, and subject to surface dehydration, and eventually becomes dehydrated.

As the surface layer of dry skin are not visible open pores, that, if it is too dry, it has a nice velvety finish. If, however, too dry, its glaze becomes rough and rugged.

The top layer of dry skin is thin and it can be seen through the capillaries, resulting in a beautiful, pink-skinned. This skin type usually has a good tone, and is very strong and firm, not to mention the pure, as comedones, small and thin as needles, are only found in areas of the nose and, rarely, on the chin. In his youth he was such a nice skin, but the time to start properly cared for.

With age the skin becomes dehydrated, sensitive and reduced potential actions cosmetics. It is therefore recommended that at the time of implementation by expert cosmetic treatment, as this will enrich the skin with fat, moisture, and will improve the suppleness of its surface. Professional cosmetic treatment of dry skin is carried out depending on how many years the party has.

Treatments normal skin
Normal skin of face and neck skin is considered to be one that is normally promašćena, vascularized and moist. Such skin is elastic and firm, good muscle tone. Her normal thickness, and closed pores, which makes a soft and subtle glaze the surface. On such skin are accentuated wrinkles and creases.

Beauty said, this skin is the most beautiful gift of nature and characteristic of the younger people. Aging is dry.

From cosmetic treatments are expected to maintain and as much as possible the natural extension of the optimal condition and function of the skin. Normal skin cosmetic treatment is well tolerated and appropriate preparations, and it is easy to nurture.

Beautiful and healthy skin

Everyone wants beautiful skin. Here are some ideas and information that will help you have radiant, healthy skin. Start a skin care program and kept it off, you will achieve great results.

Background Information
Your skin is the body's largest organ, weighing between two and four pounds. Covers between one and two square meters and completely renews itself every seven to ten weeks.

Your skin reflects your state of health, being soft and smooth when well cared for, or dry and flaky when taken for granted. To have beautiful, soft, youthful skin, pamper it.

Tips for skin care
Drink 2 liters of water a day
Enjoy a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables
Try to have a healthy, restful sleep
Use high-quality ingredients, including vitamin A and minerals and Omega 3 essential fatty acids
Spend a daily skin care program
Get to know your skin type
Regular Exercise
Keep stress levels to a minimum
Limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol
Avoid excessive exposure to high or low temperatures
Daily skin care program

Men and women will become apparent marked improvement in their skin when implementing a new skin care plan. Cleanse, tone and moisturize daily. Exfoliate and use a mask.

Cleanse your face and neck, morning and evening. Accumulated dead cells, perspiration and make-up mixed with impurities from the atmosphere, clogged pores resulting in a dull and lifeless.

After cleaning, use a toner to remove the last traces of cleanser, tighten and tone the pores.

Then apply a moisturizer. Pollution, sunlight, harsh weather, air conditioning and central heating dehydrates the skin. This causes dry and dull skin. Two liters of water a day to hydrate your skin from within. You should also add moisture from the outside. A moisturizer will help prevent moisture from the skin to evaporate into the atmosphere. All skin types need moisturizer.

Accessories that keep skin glow
Exfoliation removes dead cells from the skin surface. This increases the production of new cells. It improves blood circulation, giving the skin a healthy glow.

Eye creams are designed for the sensitive eye area. Choose one that reduces puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles.

Day and night creams have different formulations to improve skin elasticity, texture and appearance.During the night, your skin needs a special cream to rehydrate and rejuvenate skin cells, which will allow you to wake up with a refreshed, softer skin.

Use the shower gel, soap-free. Gentler on the skin and cuts down on cleaning shower recess!

Apply lotion or spray moisturizer to the entire body after a shower.

To be able to properly nourish your face and maintain a youthful appearance is necessary to know some basic information about the composition and function of the skin. The skin is the largest human organ, which has a protective, sensory, and regulatory functions. The appearance of the skin depends on the medical condition in which it is located. Beautiful skin is healthy skin, whose structure is in equilibrium.

Epidermis - the top layer of skin layer that is visible to us, but the cells of the deeper layers occur and gradually climb up to the surface where they give rise horny, visible layer.

The dermis is the middle layer of skin beneath the epidermis. In this layer of skin gets the nutrients, and there are products and fibers responsible for skin elasticity.

Aging is a process that we all know is inevitable, but depending on the care and genetic heritage of this process varies from person to person in speed and intensity. In order to slow down the process at the same time it is necessary to treat all skin functions inside and out, which means high quality medicines from outside, but inside a balanced diet and lifestyle. Regularly clean the skin and nourish the funds depending on your skin type, and depending on the conditions that you are exposed to the sun, pollution, wind personalize and protect your skin before exposure.

To have a healthy and clear skin, and you can choose the proper preparations you must first determine which type of your skin. If your skin is a combination of some type, use products designed for combination skin. For a long time you can buy cream mixed or example. older, dry skin prone to pimples. Do you use products that are not intended for you, or use them on their own, "preventive" the situation will just get worse. Do you have normal skin, and try to use acne cream to protect from their appearance, it could be that your skin becomes too sensitive.

There are some general tips that apply to all types. Never use the same towel twice, because they collect bacteria easily, it is best to wash your face after a wipe with paper handkerchiefs. No matter the kind of guy you always apply your skin toner and day cream should contain UV protection.

Normal skin: If your skin looks smooth, clean, free of pimples and pores are significantly enlarged, then you have the most rewarding type of skin. This type of skin you do not need any special care. It is important that regular cleaning, removing makeup and use a moisturizer that will give her the necessary moisture. Be careful in the winter, because if you do not feed the humid enough creams, skin can easily lose their shine and redness and tightening.

Sensitive skin: The skin is often sensitive tingling and itching. Such skin is irritated, and it is very easy to irritate even more, especially lipstick, powder, but also with the way they take off. It is best to use a gentle cosmetic products, designed for sensitive skin. Do not try to save the situation greasy creams, so it can only further irritate.

Dry skin: If your skin is not dull, rough, often have the feeling of tensing up, then you have a dry skin type.It is easy to identify because the skin is not just dry my face, almost always accompanied by skin dryness throughout the body. Preparations for dry skin make her very quickly should return moisture. This particular skin requires a higher UV factor as it is prone appearance of sun spots.

Oily skin: the skin that secrete sebum increased. Easily recognized by splendor that is especially prominent in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). The pores are very extended, and in most cases blocked. Also, it is common pimple which is difficult to solve. Dispense the inflammation extends, causing the redness and scars. This skin needs special care by a dermatologist or beautician. It is necessary to use anti-inflammatory medicines, regularly applied masks and scrubs. 

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