Monday, March 11, 2013

Bad habits, bad look

No matter how hard you try, no one can boast perfect routine daily care, especially when the day is cluttered various undertakings. If it can not be perfect, then at least try to make it better. 

Makeup at the gym
Rush from work to the "dose" of exercises, you do not have time to pop over to the house and get ready for the gym, you often happen to find yourself in workshops makeup. Should know that makeup blocks the pores of the skin and prevents the sweat that comes out normal, then it encourage the creation of pimples, writes, "Politics."

Solution: Make sure to remove makeup before leaving the gym. If you're in a hurry, you can download the handy wipes to remove make-up, so keep your always on hand. After the exercise is always to take a shower washed away sweat. Do not stay in sweaty clothes because you would be able to deal with unpleasant red skin.

The effects of daily styling hair or ironing will not see right now, but whenever I expose the hot air dryer or ironing the hair to dry out and crack. Eventually all will be obvious that the weak, especially at the tips, and that it lacks luster.

Solution: Whenever you have the opportunity to skip blow drying your hair rather dry hair naturally. For help, see the preparations for strengthening hair.

Both body lotion search
Who else likes to get up early? The speed showering, dressing velocity, all the speed, just to get an extra minute of sleep. Because of this, many often the shower is not oiled body cream, they are "back" in the form of dry, dehydrated skin that is scaly and itchy.

Solution: It is important to the body after showering always put on a nourishing moisturizer or lotion. Be sure not to skip your morning, but evening ritual of lubrication body.

We have long since learned that a thorough cleaning of the teeth should diligently brush your teeth for three minutes and had to be extra clean dental floss, but many of the recommendations boil down to just a few brush strokes, just enough to breath better. If flawless smile that shows a series of white teeth is not enough motivation for you, then the daily cleaning of the teeth thoroughly encourage you to let the results of studies that have shown relationship between the bacteria that cause plaque on the teeth and plaque that forms in the arteries of the heart, which can lead to heart disease.

Solution: toothbrush and dental floss are always some on hand, especially after the "more specific" meals.

Nail Biting
Bitten nails not only look ugly, but sending a bad image of you as a person anxious. The solution: a good professional manicures and artificial nails are great help. Be covered with the remains of biting nails and protect them from their own teeth. If this seems too much, then at least prelakirajte nails, probably will be easy enough to taste repulsive to chew. 

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