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All the secrets of mascara

Think you know everything there is to know about applying mascara? Probably you are wrong! 

Mascara is one of the most used cosmetics, but many women still do not know how to properly apply
Mascara over the years, many women became part nezamjeniv cosmetics. Moreover, many women use it only right to highlight their eyes during the day and often cause little or blinds, or any other makeup on the eyes. Mascara is the most used color cosmetics in the world, so it is no wonder that every year on the market with new ones mascara with new effects - ones that lengthen lashes, the ones that give the effect of density, then those provided by a combination of both, waterproof mascara, mascara, which cherished ...

It is well known that the main purpose of mascara to your lashes paint and draw attention to your eyes. This is why you should not ignore the importance of proper mascara application, so you do not look like a carnival. After years and even decades of use mascara, we believe that every woman knows all the secrets of the proper application of mascara to achieve the desired effect and we have therefore decided to reveal all the secrets of applying mascara.

Caring for MASCARA

Before you even begin applying mascara on the eyes, make sure the new mascara, that she had not expired, is dried, and the like. If you have over a year off immediately discard it without thinking. Old mascara can cause severe inflammation of the eyes. Mascara is the most dangerous of all types of makeup when it is old, because of its contact with the eyes. On her toothbrush can accumulate numerous dangerous bacteria.

If you enjoy just bought a new mascara, the first thing you should do, before its use, under hot tap water to completely rinse the mascara brush, to remove any dirt and bumps that are stuck from standing in the store mascara.

One of the basic rules of handling with mascara is that you should not brush mascara each time applying mascara to pull up and down when you want to apply more paint brush. Suffice it to her just one stroke put into a bottle and also pull out. If you repeatedly make the same movement, the brush will be too nahvatati color, which will make it difficult to apply and will create clumps and brush itself after a while sljepiti. Also in the bottle with mascara so you will let more air that will just dry up.

The right way

Applying mascara to the lashes start of the upper eyelid, by starting from the root to the outside and from where the longest eyelashes you, say from the middle of the eye to the outer corner of the eye, and then to the inner corner. Try to blink as little as long as the first coat is dry. When applying the first coat of mascara to the upper lashes, start applying to the lower lashes. For lower lashes using a brush tip and do it as softly.How are your lashes blindness do not zig-zag motion.

After you have applied the first coat on all four valves, for a more dramatic look to start applying the second coat. The second layer does not apply before you dried first coat of mascara. Also, if you'd like to highlight your eyes, use an eyelash curler after being dried first coat of mascara. The effect will be much better than curling before applying mascara or after the second application. If your eyelashes are sticky after the first application, use the brush lashes and separate them while the mascara is still not dry.
You can remove excess mascara wand to soak the ears in a makeup remover and gently brush them. This will make the most efficient to remove any lumps.

Color mascara

Most women use black mascara, but that does not mean you can not try out the other colors. Women who have blond or red hair, we recommend that you try a brown mascara, but if you want a more dramatic eye look, you should definitely keep blacks. We also recommend that you try a combination of brown and black mascara will give you a natural, yet pronounced effect.

Brown mascara recommend brunette women to achieve a natural look without the feel of makeup. You will achieve a prominent effect without any eye makeup. Appearance of the purple mascara brown eye girl great on women, and the blue-eyed blonde.

It is common to be applied only two coats of mascara, and you want to achieve the desired effect depends on your eyelashes, mascara on the quality, the manner of application. Do not suggest applying more than three coats of mascara, because you will only have the effect of artificial eyelashes, which will probably be sticking and you look grotesque.

Effects Mascara

We believe that every woman knows that the mascara is applied last, and after applying eyeliner, eye shadows, etc..
It is interesting to note that most women have only one mascara that is used for all occasions, while on the other hand have numerous color shades, pens and showers for the eyes, different types of powders and blushes. Since mascara is one of the most used cosmetics, just do not skimp on it. Buy several types of mascara - one for lengthening eyelashes, the density, waterproof, brown ... buy one that will meet all your needs.
For example, for daytime makeup is the best one that lengthens your lashes, as for example in the evening is better to use one for the density of eyelashes.

Certain mascara have in your package are two types of mascara, one that serves as a protective layer for the effect, while the other serves as a finish and color. Will you do it like this, it is your personal thing, but experience shows that major differences in the appearance of eyelashes no. 

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