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All the secrets of jewelery

An imbalance in the emotional, physical or mental level is reflected in the body, and the power of jewelry and (semi) precious stones helps to restore the balance 

Crystals and gemstones in all cultures were appreciated

While it is thought that jewelry is only for decorative purposes, crystal and gemstone therapy has increasingly been popular. Minerals of precious stones, through the skin, affecting the state of the whole body, or at least some organs, especially on the mental state of the person who wears it.

Crystals and gemstones in all cultures have always been greatly appreciated, and are used for various purposes. Residents of the legendary Atlantis were used for lighting, and the Chinese have 5,000 years BC, developed a method of healing crystals and precious stones that are used today. Their protective and healing properties of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, are associated with love, immortality, and health. Method of treatment of American Indians today is unthinkable without the crystals and gemstones.

In order to process energy from crystals, gems and jewelery has been successful, it is necessary expertise and experience, says an expert on precious stones and precious metals Olivera Jankovic, a graduate geologist and gemology, that the "Life Plus" talks about the healing jewelry.

- Has a healing effect and gemstones, jewelry of pearls and corals belonging to that animal. plant world, including popular ivory. Also, precious metals like gold, silver and platinum have a therapeutic effect. An imbalance in the emotional, physical or mental level is reflected in the body, and the power of jewelry and (semi) precious stones helps to restore the balance. They do not cure, but it can enhance the healing process, so it is best to combine traditional treatment with the so-called. Crystal, as they do in China.

Of which promotes healing (semi) precious stones, ie. jewelry and how to know which suits us?

- Healing comes from the minerals composing the stone and its effect on our bodies. Most women spontaneously chooses to wear jewelry, which is the best.

Why there is a belief that some jewelry and (semi) precious stones "bring bad luck"?

- Gemstones carry energy potential, and provides as much energy to whoever wears it, and so will "remember". Because some precious stones is notorious that the "unhappy" or "harmful". To avoid this, we recommend frequent washing of jewelry under cold running water, and even lay down in the water for some time, because it "refreshes" its power.

What is the symbolism in the fact that the ancient custom of giving newborn nurture gold?

- The custom that a newborn baby is given a gold, coin, earrings, necklace, bracelet and so on, need to be strong baby gifts symbolizes the indestructibility of energy and wealth.

And what about the prejudice that pearls do not bring happiness?

- Pearl is a shell product. A rock that is inserted into the shell spontaneously or in the process of cultivating pearls, a foreign body in the seat and she has to "try" to create a pearl. Therefore, the pearl may represent a vulnerability and gentle soul who seeks support. One should not exaggerate with wearing pearls, but if it is inserted in a gold ring studded with diamonds and then gold and diamonds offset the symbolism of vulnerability and tenderness pearls. Pearl is composed of calcium, and women love it, especially those who are prone to osteoporosis. How is pearl a symbol of the moon and the night, it should not be worn in the day.

How does such jewelry. bracelet in which the different gemstones?

- This jewelry is great if you have a good combine, for example, a necklace or bracelet that contains hematite, pearls and turquoise is a great combination. Hematite stimulates circulation, protects against anemia and fighting spirit of giving. Pearl and provides soothing mood dreamily, turquoise and great acting anti-inflammatory and has a calming effect on the body.

Is jewelry can not hurt?

- We should not, unless the person does not put on too much gold jewelry, which can cause heart beat a little faster. It also refers to the excessive use of red jewelry such as ruby, garnet, red tourmaline, in the form of a large pendant that comes to the middle of the chest where the heart chakra. This belief is especially prevalent in India and Nepal. Who is prone to excitement, to wear pendant with jade, turquoise, tourmaline or emerald because it calms the heart stones and pressure. Also, it is necessary to know not to take any jewelry fortune, especially if you are buying from "second hand", and do not know to whom it belonged.

What about Amethyst?

- Women love this purple stone that protects them from the "evil eye", because it is a stone of spirituality and gives them inner peace. So, for example, residents of some South American and African countries cherish cult purple protective stone. Also, Amethyst calms the agitated people suffering from jealousy, because it allows them to access their philosophical problems.

Is there a universal gemstone that brings everyone happiness and health?

- Diamond and his version of the diamond, the stone is universally good, because it is colorless and reflects sunlight. Therefore, the most recommended and poor people and those who need the energy "doping".However, there are better versions of the diamond, such as, for example, a combination of diamonds and other gemstones. If such a person. anemic, passive, lacking of physical energy, a good combination of diamond and ruby ​​or garnet. And if the person is engaged in intellectual work and it needs a peace of mind, because it is prone to stress, the more she will respond with blue sapphire or emerald.

Yellow stones should wear hearing where a large workload and responsibilities and who are often prone to discouragement.

Jewelry should be at the sun and the moon
There are several ways to clean jewelry, and the most powerful source of energy and the purification of the Sun. Therefore, crystals and jewelry should sunbathe regularly, at least twice a month for a few hours. Also, they should be exposed to the lunar light for two to three days before and after the full moon night.

It also recommended frequent washing of jewelry under cold tap water, and can even be stored for some time in the water, because it "refreshes" its power. Of course, depending on the type of crystals and dirt, there are different ways of cleaning.

How does the Rings, Earrings, Bracelets ...

- If the person is engaged in intellectual tasks that require good concentration, you should be sure to wear earrings with some of the blue stones, lapis lazuli and turquoise, but it also fits and jade. Diamond earrings always give good energy. Business women who often must work hard to wear jewelry malachite, especially earrings. Ring should be worn constantly, but if you feel uncomfortable, or if a person has a need to remove it, you should do so because the body knows what bothers him. You should not wear silver and gold at the same time, for example. on the same hand a silver bracelet and a gold ring, because it upsets the balance of power. Silver as a cheaper metal belongs more semiprecious stones, especially turquoise, gold and precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, tourmaline, semiprecious but topaz.

What is the therapeutic effect of jewelry, for example. earrings and necklace around your neck?

- Earrings, depending on the symptoms, they can be used for all mental disorders, headaches, problems with ears, eyes, teeth, because the lower part of the ear contains the points that correspond to the parts of the body. Triggers a chain around his neck and thyroid fifth chakra is recommended for respiratory problems in the neural basis for throat problems. Necklace and feeling around the head and over ńćelavrlo is popular in India and the Middle East, which is activated by the sixth Chakra in the level of the "third eye" and to clear thoughts, spiritual tranquility, eliminates problems with sinuses and eyes.

And how it can help carry chains wrist legs?

- Women in the East usually wear this necklace, because he touches the point of leg movements kidney, bladder, gall bladder and liver, which is a real stimulus to the work of these bodies. Necklace wrist feet refreshes the whole body, because there are regions that cover all the internal organs, especially the liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach and genitals. If you feel weak in the legs, or there is a problem with the kidneys, the genital organs, liver and gall, gold chain should be to stimulate the work of these bodies, and silver in inflammation of these organs.

How does the rings may help with certain health problems?

- There is evidence that the ancient Egyptians and the Incas people wore rings on the second toe of the problems with headache, on the third finger of the general weakness with decreased sexual activity, on the fourth finger of stomach disorders ... 

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