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They say that beauty is only skin deep thing. Whether this is true or not, beauty definitely start with your surface layer, or skin. It does not matter whether you have light or dark tan, what is important is the health of your skin. In fact, the true beauty is in health, and the skin is the mirror of health. Despite this, we often neglect our skin, forgetting to care and taking it for granted, until one day (a miracle!) Does not occur in any of her disorder. Then rushing in pursuit of an artificial and temporary solutions, what are the beauty products, creams, lotions, ... 

This is supported by the fact that, for example. in America (and the same happens with us) amount that has been spent on cosmetics exceeds the total health budget (or the Ministry of Health budget) across the country. This is happening  because people generally prefer to beat around the bush with their problems of the skin, rarely accepting the real long-term solutions that would not have to hide behind your unhealthy skin cosmetic masks. On the other hand, experts say that it makes infinitely more damage to the skin by increasing the use of cosmetic products. For these reasons, we will try to emphasize the importance of this part of our body and give you some answers about one of the most common problems related to the skin - čibulje, pimples, zits, acne!

Acne or pimples

Acne or pimples as they are commonly called, are Ciric groups that appear on the site. This is a very common skin condition that is manifested by the appearance of blackheads, white bumps, red bumps, and sometimes deeply embedded čirastim sores that called nodules or cysts. Although it can occur at any period of life, usually thought to be caused by a stronger stress in the teenage years, and in both sexes.

What causes acne?

It is said that acne occur when certain changes occur in the level of hormones in the body that increases the activity of the skin. When the hormone levels in the blood increase, the skin in people prone to acne it reacts by producing excess sebum (oil). Bacteria are attracted to these substances on the skin oil, and they cause acne, which is very different from the very popular myth that acne can cause a diet rich in fatty foods. However, the consumption of certain types of foods can worsen your condition and acne pimples on the skin, so try to avoid this type of food. Of course, it is more important to eat those foods that best suits your body constitution.

What to do with acne?

If you have acne, consult your doctor or dermatologist without delay as soon as possible. This is the best way to get the proper treatment that can help you get a better look. Waiting to outgrow acne or to hold themselves to go can be a serious mistake, since medical treatment can act preventively to avoid scarring.Your doctor will prescribe treatment depending on your skin type and degree to which you've come with acne. Carefully follow your doctor's instructions. As additional measures of treatment adequately clean your skin, avoid oily makeup and any cream for protection from the cold. Do not Rub and squeeze pimples.Do not cover any blemishes cosmetic product, and that you have not consulted with a doctor.


* Gently but thoroughly cleans your skin, some medical soap and water to remove all dirt and makeup.
* Often hydrate your skin.
* Avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity.
* Not preklapajte face with his hands.
* Reduce stress. Studies have shown that increased stress can often be linked to the release of the new spots and deterioration of old. The reason for this is a chemical reaction and changes in hormone levels that occurs in our bodies when we are stressed.
* Avoid grebuckave materials.
* Avoid strong soaps, detergents and softeners. Avoid harsh scrubbing and washing the skin.
* Avoid external factors that can cause allergies.
* Identify and avoid all the causes you acne. Although none of the products has not been proven to cause acne in all people, triggers for acne usually have some type of food, lotions, makeup, etc..
* Avoid greasy cosmetics and creams very fatty.

How to squeeze a pimple the right way?

All we were warned during our adolescent period of the dangers that lurk when spraying pimple on your face (zastrašujuće! infection! Irritation!) The truth is that we continue to do, no matter what. But if you decide to squeeze a pimple, it would be good to know the right way to do it. First, you must know what is ok squeeze pimples, some of which should remove your little itchy feet. The general rule is that you should just squeeze bubuljičice with very white peaks. This type of acne is very common in cases with minor skin to acne variable. Never try to squeeze something that is not white, no matter how painful, red or bulging.Nothing will come out, and the pain and irritation will only be stronger.

Ready to start? Read more explanation of the 5 steps.

Step 1: Before the attack on the pimples, make sure that your face and hands are clean and that he made a face scrub. I thought that this implies, as a friend, I did not say that she got skin irritation when he squeezes a pimple in the toilet of the train. Yuck.

Step 2: Use a hot compress some types (after showering, while your skin is naparena or washcloth soaked in warm water), exposing the skin to heat and pressure for at least a minute. This helps to soften the skin around the pimple, thereby facilitating the ejection.

Step 3: Some koristeštapiće the ears, or even a needle for drainage. It's hard to grasp the skin using chopsticks, and work with the needles should be left to someone who has a degree in medical workers. I personally prefer fingers wrapped toilet paper. This process itself remains sterile, and it is easier to keep the skin surrounding the blemish.

Step 4: Time for juicing! The first most important thing to keep in mind that you want to squeeze the contents of which pimples worse. If you do not grasp underneath pimple, risking that it ruptures under the skin that you would cause further infection (and possibly painfully clear). Include your pimple on both sides and gently press your fingertips, not your nails. If a pimple is ripe, it will only take the gentle pressure.If you find that too hard Stipe, and nothing leaves - pustule is simply not ripe. Leave it and try again tomorrow. If the pimple you can squeeze out once or twice to make all out (that's all!) When it starts coming out clear liquid or a small amount of blood, it's time to stop.

Step 5: After you have finished squeezing, gently clean the area around the pimples or cartridge containing alcohol swabs. Do not apply make-up while it is still open and the dew. (This is basically identical to the pouring dirt into the open pore.) For this reason, it is best to allow drainage of the evening, not the morning before going to work. I prefer to leave a little pimple to dry and then apply to face some antibiotic tonic to eliminate the possibility of bacterial infection. Some people prefer to use the targeted treatment for acne.In any case, avoid any product that clog pores, including moisturizers, foundation and so on, as long as the pimple completely dry. 

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