Saturday, March 16, 2013

A beautiful and well-kept nails

Do not say anything about your njegovanosti as perfect nails. 

Steps nail care:

First Edit the shape of our nails: Apply to skin moisturizing emulsion
with softening components and push it.

Second Coat the core layer of transparent nail varnish
how easy color to avoid damaging their structure and how to stay healthy.

3rd Apply nail color on each nail in three strokes,
wait before the next layer to dry completely.

4th At the end of the brush layer of colored nail varnish for fixing
manicure that will give shine and protect nails from peeling paint.

CORRECTION exterior nails (depending on your problem):

Gnarled NAILS
Uneven nail surface and occurs due to bacteria,
therefore, do not remove the "barrier" nail-skin,
but gently push towards the root.

Short nails
Shape the nails without filing straight skew
and use the special lakza improve growth.

Brittle nails
Use a nail nails fastening with fluoride and calcium
regular baths and nail with sea salt.

Layered or callous NAILS
It will help you easy with regenerative properties,
and it is also a time to give up the use of paint color.

TIP makeup artist:
Dark varnish looks good on short nails,
but at long may seem too aggressive. 

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