Friday, January 11, 2013

Why terrorize us with the beauty?

Modern life has imposed some strange rules, so that during the last ten years, the most important thing in life became a perfect physical beauty. In other words, we live in a time of terror, beauty, sex appeal and youth.

Beauty knows no price ...

Sometimes the only Hollywood actress went to "repair" face, breasts and hips, but is now expected to bust rich and secretary, maid, just like the politicians or teachers of! Strange is the perfect time because the physical body has become a real investment capital, expressed in figures, for example in the U.S., so attractive to Americans, on average, earn $ 90,000 a year more than a colleague modest female attributes!

It is not new that the desire for beauty is as old as mankind. However, the ideal beauty is a random variable, and the ideals and heroes over the centuries and decades alternated.

So at the beginning of the last century, a small heart-shaped mouth was synonymous with perfection, and today they are funny and no one notices, especially not trendseterke as they hit the mouth from ear to ear, as it has Angelina Jolie, of course, after the mighty "Restatement ". So, a big mouth, and more inflated, so modern women want?

What's so beautiful and attractive only they know, but no one in it and does not care, and especially As Plastic who are rubbing their hands. People have jobs than ever before, and the way things are cosmetic surgery, this savremna, yet in full swing ...

True, it should be said that with the help of cosmetic surgery embellished by the ancient Egyptians, and connoisseurs say that its roots go back even to the BC ... However, the fact that cosmetic surgery last few years quite industrijalizovala, and plastic surgeons had never had so much work and so much earned as today.

It's true that the key role in the terror of beauty and youthful looks have played the media, especially television, and thus dictate youth and beauty into a general movement and became just a commodity. We would say, according to the political developments in the homeland, the beauty is democratized, it no longer looks irreversible (not) happy destiny!

Silicon beauty on the rise

Early 90s in the U.S. has two million women incorporated silicones, and Germany each year undergo aesthetic surgery about 100,000 people.

The most recent study of German society and aesthetic plastic surgeons shows that in 2008. among users of plastic surgeons were 10 percent of Germans, and last year the number had risen to 16 percent. Usually removes the fat, dark circles and corrected nose, chin and lips, and pumped his chest and buttocks, silicone ...

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