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Waxing facial

Facial hair, female, not a good ally in makeup. 
Often it is necessary to remove the make-up came to the fore. Plucking eyebrows, less work is that every woman regularly performs alone. However, the hair above the lip, upper lip, it is not easy and painless fix so it is better to entrust the job to a beautician than to perform alone.

Upper lip waxing can be done in several ways. If you do decide to do it alone, you should know that unskilled movements and inadequate resources that can irritate the skin. Redness and irritation are just the first of discomfort in this business.

Facial hair you can remove with tweezers, wax or hair removal cream.
If your choice of tweezers, then before hopping spread good face cream, especially the part to be treated - then the pain is minimal.

If the wax for waxing your choice, then take a test to test the upper arm to make sure that your skin responds well to waxing. Never start waxing if you do not have the initial tests, however, it's your face.
Do not wax too much heat. Make it hot enough that it can be easily applied to the face.

To make your waxing to be effective, the hair must be more than an inch. Otherwise, you will not be able to remove them.
Do not touch your face after waxing because it causes irritation and itching of the skin. If you do appear inflammation and, place ice on waxed person or a soothing lotion.
A person need not be cleaned, especially not ga wet or hot water washable.

Persons should avoid waxing if you have diabetes, varicose veins, warts, moles, rashes or pimple on licu.Kako wax removes hair root, this method leaves the skin smooth for up to four weeks and the procedure must be repeated periodically.

If you decide to less painful method (hair removal cream), then you will have to repeat the procedure more frequently, depending on how fast your hair grow.

Proper waxing facial

Facial waxing is a good choice for those who want smooth skin, without superfluous hair. However, the facial skin is very sensitive, and it is important to take some precautions to make this process proceeds without side effects.

Keep in mind that for effective waxing hair should be no longer than half an inch - or will not be well received by the wax strip.

Never start waxing persons without trial to test another part of the body. Temperature of the wax should be warm, but not hot. Make sure that the wax does not contain fragrances, artificial colors or ingredients to which you are allergic.

Facial waxing can often cause redness and irritation. You may experience itching or skin irritation, but these symptoms are usually relieved after a day or two. However, to avoid this, and do not touch the person with your bare hands immediately after waxing. It is good and can soothe sore pressed against the ice cube on waxed face. For the same purpose you can also use aloe vera gel or soothing lotion. If you have your eyebrows waxed, place cold tea bags under the eyes and eyebrows.

Do not rush to the exits out immediately after waxing. Even with all the precautions, if the skin is still sensitive, do not wax face in the future. If the redness has subsided even after one day, do not bother with make-up skin and allow it to breathe.

Waxing facial waxing should avoid if you have diabetes or varicose veins, warts, pimples, moles or rashes on the face. Sun burned skin also should not be waxed. In addition, if you are pregnant, on birth control pills, antibiotics or hormone therapy should be twice as careful. Always take a test test on arm, to make sure that your skin responds well to waxing.

Three steps to a perfect person depiliranog

Facial waxing itself is specifically because of the risk that something goes wrong, and the person could see everything. For this reason, you should take certain steps before waxing.

Allow hair to grow
Whether or waxing eyebrows rest of the face, to make everything go smoothly you should be long enough hair. Required length of half to one centimeter. Therefore it is necessary to pass between two waxing between two weeks to a month. If you do not allow enough hair to grow, you'll "uproot" the skin, waxing will be painful, and the hair will remain.

Perfect skin is required
Any irregularities such as pimples, scars, burns, cuts, or something similar, will make your waxing painful and unsuccessful. Discard wax if you are taking any medications whose effect affects the sensitivity of the skin, while the action of drugs is over.
The skin is the most sensitive just before menstruation, so do not at this time plucked anything, let alone a person. Pregnancy also affects the sensitivity of the skin to remove hair on the face can be very painful. Caffeine, tea, soft drinks and even chocolate are not recommended on the day of waxing.

On the day of the waxing
Regardless of whether you go to a professional to waxing or doing it yourself at home, clean the face of all the lotions and creams. Cleanse face with toner, apply some baby powder to avoid the wax off and part of the skin, and then apply the wax. On the day of waxing, avoid sun, because the sun makes your skin sensitive, SheKnows advises.

Waxing upper lip sounds like an easy job, but it's not that simple. Here are a few professional tips on how to get rid of excess body hair, without excessive pain and rash after treatment.

Wax in front of a large mirror. You need a stable mirror and two free hands. Practice applying wax to the other parts of the body to get the feeling that. Take care that the wax is warm, not hot
Cold wax strips seem like a logical choice, but it's better use warm wax - is gentler and less sticky.

Buy accessories for hair removal. To be waxed must have long enough hair. Fasten your hair to avoid ulepili, wash your hands.

Persons not required to clean or wash with warm water. Apply only baby powder, but do not overdo it.

Work by region. Share earrings on three areas when applying wax.

Careful about the direction APPLICATION
Apply the wax in the same direction of hair growth and always with a wooden stick on the left side first. Be careful. Put tape also in the direction of hair growth, but leave a little tape on the end that is what you have to grab it. Press lightly and align the hand strap on the skin to ensure that the wax is well received.

And painful cut ...
Grasp the bar area which was not taped. Tighten the skin with the other hand and remove the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. Do not pull up. Press a little shocked and irritated skin to calm the pain after the removal of the tape. If there are some wax, press and remove the tape.

TWEEZERS comes in handy
Tweezers to remove the remaining hairs. Waxes clean baby oil. After all, the earrings apply lotion or gel based aloe vera.

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