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Tips for Every Woman

Cover facial imperfections

We all have a few things we want to cover in your face, whether they are dark circles, blemishes, or something else.

We present you 7 tips on how to do this successfully.

First If you often "pop" pimples, use a medium that does not contain oil (check the ingredients on the package before buying).
If your skin during the day become fat, do not apply extra layer of powder. I prefer paper towel soak up the excess oil.
Use liquid foundation with great hint to highlight areas in which the light falls: cheekbones, the center line of the nose, the area along hairline.
Invest in a set that kavlitetnijih make - up brush (for concealer, blush and powder). They are the secret of "faking" flawless complexion (cheaper brushes often have stiffer hairs that are broken and can irritate the skin).
Be stingy with your makeup. Put small dots of product on the forehead, the chin, below both eyes and on either side of the jaw and spread covering the whole face. Thus, your skin will look more natural.
Apply concealer on pimples, after you put the pad. If you put concealer first, before applying it razmrljaćete substrate. If you want to cover dark circles, choose concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone.
If you have a problem with acne, try using a concealer that contains acne fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid.

How should I care for it before you go to sleep?

The obligations overcrowded everyday, try before you dive into a dream, though overworked, take a little time for yourself, to be comfortable with yourself in the morning.

First Hidratizovati facial skin should, therefore, apply a moisturizing cream or lotion on your face, and the rest of the body, not bypassing the elbows, knees, hands, feet ...

Second Use nourishing oils, because you will, on the advice of the fashion house 'Chanel', when you wake up, look as if you walk out of a beauty salon.

3rd Apply over moisturizer and makeup base for the night, to be better absorbed.

4th Apply a hair mask.

5th Satin pillow cases must be, that hair was softer and nicer person.

Seven ingenious tricks when using lipstick

How do I find my lipstick last longer, how to choose the right shade and even some trick.


Not sure which pink is best for you? Just smile, your perfect shade is about the same as the color of your gums - no lighter.


To find other colors in place, fill the entire lip neutral pencil before applying lipstick. If necessary, warm the tip of the stylus on the palm to prevent the line too hard.

Create your own shades

Turn every lip color in a shimmering new color: shimmering golden glow spread over lipstick, it will instantly warm up every color.

Shape the lips without PENS

Create the illusion of two perfect tip without plotting lips, dab concealer only in the cleft on your upper lip and mix well.


Start with a pale pink hue, so put a little powder over the matte effect.

True color

If you really like the color and the lipstick in a tube, put some liquid medium on the lips before you apply it. That way you start with a clean cloth. The result will be similar to what you see in the box.


Do any longer-lasting lipstick by lean lips on the paper, apply lipstick again and again lean lips on the paper to remove excess oil. Plain paper is better than the wipes, because you will achieve a more natural and longer lasting look.

First aid for hair in curlers

How many times happen to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and rolled his eyes because of his hair as a "wave" of tail for the day? This can be very frustrating, but the good news is that there are ways that you can try, and that will help you to successfully "fix the" this situation.

The main things that you will need to "repair" these irregularities are hair dryer, and iron, and is of great help can be easy or mousse.

Apply a bit of foam on the hair to the target area, and then straighten the "wave" hair straightener. After that, spray dryer is easy to keep in one place, which will prevent the re-occurrence of this problem.

If you have naturally curly hair, then you can replace iron curler. The key is to have good products to edit hair, which can be held in place all day.

If the "surge" notice only when you go out, very helpful to be part of the wet hair in the toilet bars, or elsewhere, and that the "comb" finger and wipe it on the drying hands. Of course this does not give as good results as the above method, but it will certainly improve the situation.

Tips for removing odors from the hair

You stayed the night in a smoke-filled room? Or worse, you were at a dinner with friends, and just when you got started frying food? The result is that your hair is not very pleasant smell, and you're in a hurry ...

As you wake up and realize that you are late, and you should wash your hair because it expands the odor - a consequence of the previous night, cigarette smoke, fried foods ..., these three tips you could use.

First Honors HAIR cold treatment
"The cold air will allow to remove odors," says an experienced hairdresser and stylist Maria De Los Angeles. Treat your hair with a hair dryer set on the program "cold blow" and a little shake. Unpleasant odors will disappear, but you will be happy with the result.

Second Condition your hair with shampoo for dry cleaning

Shampoos powder after which rinse water are not necessary ingredients that absorb odors and refresh hair. It's good to have this product at home. You never know when you might need them.

3rd The perfume is welcome

If you do not have to hand wash for dry shampoo, perfume and serve. Spritz your hair with it, so the comb. Alcohol will reduce the perfume smell. It will not be as perfect as you wash your hair, but it will definitely be better, according Magazine.

Keep a hairbrush

Probably never remember a very important fact, which is that the hairbrush to regular use. We present you a few practical tips on how to do this in a few minutes.

Clean the brush hairs fall out by hand after each use. If you can not pick up all the strands by hand, help you to comb several times to go through the brush so that the remaining hairs literally attached to the comb.

At brushes dirt remains, traces of cosmetics that care for hair and fat, you need a thorough cleaning at least once a month. Holding the brush handle, place it in a pan of hot water, and play it. Put a few drops of shampoo on an old toothbrush and scrub it with fiber brushes and pad. He then rinse well. When you wash your brush, put it on a dry towel, turn it down and leave it to dry overnight.

Lighter layers - the bottom layer of the hair should be painted a shade lighter than the other layers of the hair. This will create Iliza luxuriant hair.

Conditioner before shampoo - when you wash your hair, apply conditioner first, and then wash your hair with shampoo. In this way, seeing off any residue that makes hair conditioner and it is glued.

Blow - if you overdo with hair styling, you will achieve the opposite effect - rather than get stuck together, lush hair. Fenirajte large brush larger tufts of hair, and the hair hold a few inches away, so the hair would not blindness.

Little secrets for beautiful hair

How many times have you happened to be doing my best to create a certain hairstyle, you go out and start time the wind blows or it rains and all your hard work thrown into the water? We present you a few handy tips that will help you in the everyday maintenance fizure beautiful.

Unfortunately, the umbrella is not enough to protect you from water and moisture. Do not you love hats? So, before he ascended the house, hair spray foam will give it shine and keep hair. If the hair is short, you can use nail will be covered and protected like a veil.
Long hair lightly with a rubber band or tie a secure long wooden pins. It can be dissolved as soon as you find yourself in a dry place, without fear that you ukovrdža.
Do not forget that the dyed hair (as well as thin and fat) is much easier porous and absorbs moisture: so much cover and not touch it until you are out there in order not to contaminate. For the same reason, when you get home, but do not brush the hair shape immediately.
If you can defend against rain hat, hair, fix your fingers when you take it off. Then a good brush brush made of natural materials.
When you dry your hair after you Pokisli, put a big, Self curlers.
Do you have curly hair, you know very well that moisture deteriorating situation: create a cycle of six to seven packs of essential oils dissolved in the nutrient masks and put on clean hair.

3 solution to camouflage izraska

Of course, no one likes it when izrastak appear at the root of the hair, but it is inevitable. If you do not have time to go to the hairdresser, fortunately, we have 3 solutions for this problem!

First Increase the volume to the hair. Curl hair or shape hairstyle fenirajući is to get the volume, so the dark izrastak be less noticeable.

Second Make a deep side parting. In this section, we will grow are usually less visible. Then rub a little gel and pick up your hair in a ponytail.

3rd Wear a hat, cap or scarf. If all else fails, this trick always helps. Moreover, these are charming details that are absolutely trendy!

Repair damaged makeup

Surely you have at least once in my life heard of a cracked shadow, lipstick or your nail polish dries. Here are some practical tips on how to intervene in these, unfortunate situation.

Broken lipstick. If you happen to tear off the top of your lipstick or, in turn, cut in half, first aid will be a hair dryer. It cracked dissolve lipstick on the ends and connect when a little melted. Put it in a plastic bag in the freezer until it hardens again. If you're clever enough, you can repeat the same procedure and lighter.

Cracked Powder. Opposite top first blush brushes and disinfect with alcohol and dried to make the powder injection well back into place. Then gently press the powder in a box with something like the cover of a rose. Finally apply a few drops of alcohol and let it sit for a few hours. Pieces that fall on the floor or you discard in the trash and do not put it in a container for dirt and bacteria.

Makeup brushes. If you fall out of hair brushes, wash them once a month with warm water and antibacterial soap. It is important to clean the tip and do not soak the entire brush as this will put even more hair falling out.

Eyeshadow. Popucalim box of pieces put shadows in the corner of the bag to freeze. Take something poputkašičice, and thoroughly pat good while not all clicked into shadow and restore it to its place. Then remove the bag for the freezer and put a little alcohol, and let it sit for a few hours.

Destroyed mascara brush. Sometimes a brush for applying mascara bend in one direction and is unusable. If that happened, it just slowly pushing back in the opposite direction. Make sure your hands are clean before you start. Mascara usually takes about one to three months, and if you have a new mascara, and you notice that some burns, immediately stop using it.

Dried nail polish. If you can not open your favorite nail polish because it had dried around the cap, it's probably buried at the edge of the light that is stuck. This problem can be solved by a dip in the hot water bottle with a light for a few minutes upside down. Then gently roll the cover and clean the edge of the bottle with acetone to avoid the same problem.

Prepare your hair for summer

We present you a few tips on how to prepare your hair for the summer.

Lightweight Shampoo - In the spring many have trouble with dandruff, and immediately resort to aggressive shampoos. However, this is not always the best solution. To begin using a mild shampoo, and if they are not effective, consult your hair stylist to choose the best treatment. For those who wash their hair every day, most recommended are gentle shampoo for everyday use.

Shampoo with UV protection - Regenerator required to be applied after each wash. In the spring and summer should choose one with UV protection, it will protect your hair from the harmful effects of sun rays.

Hair Dryer - Use high temperature to your hair as often dried naturally. If you are due to lack of time forced to use a hair dryer, it is best to be moderate heat and do not hold the hair dryer too close to the hair.

Treatments in salons - Depending on the type of hair, the spring is advisable to do some of the treatments for hair that will strengthen, nourish and hidratizovati.

The sauce instead of paint - Before coming summer hair is not advisable to exhibit aggressive treatments, so the sauce much better choice than paint. It will give your hair shine, feed it and give it a protective layer.

Let your hair "breathe" - let your hair as often as possible. Avoid tying solid rubber bands, and if you want to collect that would not bother you, it is best to choose a braid.

Cropping tops - shaggy and unkempt peaks should shorten both before and after the flight. After a swim in the sea or the pool, wash your hair to remove any traces of salt, chlorine and, apply conditioner.

How to beat the summer oily complexion

Even girls with normal complexion in the spring and summer days have problems with increased production of oil, and the photos of glow like a disco ball, and the day struggling with oily forehead. To avoid or reduce the shiny appearance of your complexion try our five councils.


During warm weather the skin secrete increased fat, so it's good to outwit the change that is pure preparations. Instead of milk and oil to clean select gels and foams that will deeply cleanse the skin and remove excess sebum while and it's checkmate.


After cleansing, the skin must go matting lotion with antiseptic action. He will "unclog" the pores and prevent the creation of blackheads and pimples and thereby fine-mate T zone face.


Time for something lighter face cream, and its nourishing oily cream and replace the one with moisturizing properties. If you have oily or mixed skin, choose a gel cream. Be sure to choose one with SPF protection factor!

4th PUT piece of paper in your purse

Slips of paper that absorb fat from the head of a real lifeline. Add one packet of this in my purse and every couple of hours easy walk across the T zone to absorb excess fat.


Heavy powders "stifle" the skin for summer days and choose a lighter variant. If you have a nice tan enough to be pressed powder which can easily checkmate tan, and if you feel you really need a liquid powder, select a skin that checkmate.

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